Rose D'Longcroi
Rose D'Longcroi

Rose D'Longcroi

Monica Yorkman comes across as your average Baltimore grandmother: stylish flats, jeans and sweater set, and a too-young-to-be-a-grandmother sway. When our 90 minute conversation drew to a close, the discussion turns fondly to her “grand-babies” and preparations for their pending sleepover.

Alondra Sancheez, of Frederick, was crowned Miss Gay Maryland America in a ceremony held at the Hippo nightclub on April 23. Nine drag queens from across the state competed for the top prize.

Whether they are aiming for statewide attraction or national recognition, Club Hippo is the hearth and home for Maryland's drag beauty queens. And this month, the reigning Miss Gay America, Kirby Kolby, will assist Miss Gay Maryland, Chi Chi Ray Colby, in passing the torch of Miss Gay Maryland to a new star.

When Patsy Anderson's son was plagued with debilitating allergens in the 1970s, she left a position in the corporate job market. But it was from a basic desire to keep her family financially afloat, that Anderson found herself gathering with neighboring stay-at-home moms to create various crafts for a community-wide fair. While developing what became a monthly community event, Anderson was constantly introduced to wildly varying business ideas that would lack the essential gestalt of effective marketing. So she went on a quest for a potential avenue to help aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs reach their consumer market.

Before you dive into the wholesome sugar rush that surrounds Christmas, join Trixie Little and her faithful companion Evil Hate Monkey at their holidays-on-Spanish-fly spectacle. This love/hate acrobatic duo wants to take you away into an adults-only enchanted forest full of sparkling lights and not so tongue-in-cheek femme mystic. Now in their seventh year, Trixie and Monkey will invade the halls of Creative Alliance for the Holiday Spectac-U-Thon, a heavy dollop of holiday spirit spread over dazzling trapeze stunts and risquÈ burlesque performances guaranteed to put an ache in your sweet tooth.

In the weeks before Christmas, all through the city, Candie Cramer tells a story that will pull at your heart strings. It starts with the Baltimore native’s musical achievements, involves her 2007 Christmas CD, a rare kidney disease, and America’s Got Talent.

It was during the 2010 hearings of the Maryland Civil Marriage Act that the Hollanders, practicing relationship/marriage counselors, met Pastor Larry Brumfield.

Lori and Bob Hollander have been advising couples for 23 years. When they heard about last year's marriage bill hearings, they did not hesitate to take the 40 minute ride from their practice and home to lend their voices to the testimonies. Enter Pastor Larry Brumfield, whose moving testimony left a lasting impression on the Hollanders. They left the hearing with Pastor Brumfield's words resounding in their ears and his contact information tucked safely away in their pocket.

Reel Affirmations, a Washington, D.C. based, all-volunteer LGBT film festival, is one of the strongest community-created efforts to come out of the 1990s. The firstborn of One in Ten, a LGBT non-profits arts organization, Reel Affirmations is now one of the top three films festivals for the entire LGBT community.

In its infancy, co-founders Barry Becker, Mark Betchkal, Matthew Cibellis, and Keith Clark, proud Washington, D.C. residents, desired to fill the lack of artistic expression that highlighted the multifaceted aspects of LGBT individuals. In their initial meeting, Reel Affirmations was born.

At 7:00 p.m. on Friday, September 9, Red Emma regulars commandeered chairs and linked up with fellow compatriots while Baltimore’s latest influx of undergraduates hovered tentatively in the back of the crowd, intrigued by the evening’s event: a lecture/discussion on the 1990s activist group, the Lesbian Avengers.

With every seat filled and a regular flow of patrons filtering through the remaining standing room, Dulcey Lewis was introduced to the eager crowd. Seeking a topic to use for her capstone course, Lewis began browsing the lesbian herstory archives ( Having professor and Avenger co-founder Maxine Wolfe as her program’s advisor, Lewis was well connected to investigate the inner workings of this activist group that reigned for four years during the 1990s when AIDS-induced fear mongering had America by the throat. ACT-UP, a major awareness group that made tracks in the Big Apple, brought the original six Avengers together to spring board off the momentum surrounding this epidemic in an attempt to expand the national population’s mindset about the lesbian community.

Nestled in the heart of Station North, Baltimore’s premier artist district, Maryland Film Festival will take over The Charles, The Windup Space, and the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Brown Center May 8 to 11. Film fans are invited to kick off the festival with an explosive selection of shorts that will be introduced by the directors at the Brown Center on May 5.

Alexandra Gilwit, the MD Film Fest staff in charge of PR, took time from the organized chaos leading up to this action-packed weekend to speak to Gay Life.

“I'm really excited about the 2011 festival!” said Gilwit. “This year we officially will be having the most locally-based filmmakers and cinematographers than any year before.”

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