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By  David Allen

Happy New Year!
How are you doing so far? Still recovering from the holidays?
Focused on resolutions? How are you breathing?

January seems like a great to address a question that I was recently asked.


Can breath help me with my waist size?

My initial response is “it can’t hurt!” But seriously, yes, there are ways the breath can help with something like this.

Think about how you hold your abdomen Is it always tight? Is there always effort to keep it “flat” or “pulled in”? Do you ever give it a time to relax? The abdominal muscles “abs” that everyone likes to see are skeletal muscles. This means they are not built to be fully in use all the time without a break. Keeping them in a contracted state with very little time to recover will actually weaken them. That doesn’t mean challenging them by doing abdominal exercises with exquisite form in the gym is a bad thing. But it does mean that throughout the day, taking full breaths that allow the abdominal muscles to stretch and relax is a very good thing. Another important reminder is that when you don’t breathe fully, you do impact your digestion. The passage of food slows down and the chemical balance in your intestinal tract is altered. Both of these things can have an impact on your metabolism.

Of course there are emotional considerations any time a ‘body’ related question comes up and breath is there to work with those too. In a session we can look at several thoughts and feelings related to how you see yourself. Assessment questions may include What thoughts do you have about how you look? What do you think about food and/or eating? What do you eat? When do you eat it? What are the triggers that cause you to reach for food? How do you feel about exercise? Looking at the answers to these types of questions will help set up the actual focus for the breath session. It is in the session that additional insight and understanding about your thoughts, feelings and history can be accessed. Once you understand why you think the things you do, or have the responses you do, you can fully engage in a plan to make the desired changes.

Remember, healthy means on the inside and the outside. A body doesn’t have to look like a magazine cover to be vital, healthy and attractive!

With you in breath. Breathe more. Be More.


David Allen

David Allen

David Allen is an IBTA certified Breathwork Practitioner in Baltimore. He facilitates breath experiences for individuals and groups throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. For more information visit his website at

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