Kelly D. McClain

Kelly D. McClain

Award-winning artist Denise Duarte is offering a free, weekly art program, "Express Yourself," for LGBTQ youth.

"The program will nurture creativity and provide leadership skills, team building, and community building opportunities in a safe and accepting environment," said Duarte, an artist in residence at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland (GLCCB).

Walking off Federal Hill’s Light Street during a busy rush-hour afternoon and onto a quiet street where a clean brown building sits demure and nondescript, no one would suspect the top level would hold the creative goings-on of one person: Lania D’Agostino. The door opens to a stairwell that ascends to a throughway full of nude mannequins who seem to be stuck in traffic. Their feminine made-up faces all convey the same emotionless thought. On the contrary, D’Agostino’s work communicates energetic amounts of personality as will be seen in her studio on Saturday, October 22 as part of the two-day School 33 Art Center Open Studio Tour which is free to the public.

Gay artist Rams Brisueño has been painting since 2000. In 2001, Brisueño debuted his work at Artscape and Donna’s Café where he became recognized as an artist in the community. Now his work is featured in the “Travelin’ Shoes” exhibit at the Fleckenstein Gallery in Hampden.

His series, the painted boy, contains 25-30 small and large pieces. With a background in graphic design, Brisueño also created videos of the painted boy series which “show joy with pain.”

Local fashion show welcomes aspiring models, photographers, and onlookers Kantankerous Couture is inviting everyone to take part in the second year of A Day of Fashion at Mt. Vernon Park. The event will utilize all four grassy squares encompassing the Washington Monument with local designers and boutiques, hair and makeup artists, models, and more.

This event was conceived when the host (who requested his name not be printed) decided to break out on his own after previously participating in Baltimore Fashion Week.

Lesbian painter Kelly Walker is a self-taught artist who has been producing work for the past 16 years.

“I entered the world of fine art after learning how to manipulate paint mediums as a decorative, faux painter,” said Walker, 35,  who landed by chance in Baltimore. “I am completely inspired by the many layers of Baltimore’s artists and surroundings and events and energy.”

Jonathan Larson’s “RENT, The Musical” tells the story of a group of impoverished young artists and musicians struggling to survive in the thriving days of Bohemian Alphabet City under the shadow of HIV/AIDS. The rock opera is showing now through May 6 at Towson University’s Center for the Arts Mainstage Theatre.

The April 29 and May 6 performances will include HIV rapid-result testing via a mobile testing unit prior to and following the performance. Community nonprofits will also provide information on health, homelessness, gender equality, and HIV/AIDS. TU staff will also collect donations, non-perishable food items, and grocery store gift certificates benefiting the Assistance Center of Towson Churches, an organization that provides community members emergency support.

On May 21, Chase Brexton Health Services will have their annual gala at the American Visionary Art Museum. It is called The HeART of Our Community: A Night of Food, Fun, Art, and Heart.

“The ‘HeART’ is about the art of health care,” said Alicia Gabriel, marketing manager of Chase Bexton, “the heart of what we do every day, and the belief that community health care and Chase Brexton’s services are at the heart of our community.”

Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by hundreds of people in a 16,000-square-foot tent and watching locally-, nationally-, and internationally-designed clothes being displayed on the runway.

Now, slowly begin to open your eyes and walk outside the double doors. You will be surprised to find the cityscape is not New York, but rather Harbor East in Baltimore City. The last two years, Baltimore Fashion Week was held in Towson.

“Love and Human Remains” will be performed by Baltimore’s Iron Crow Theatre Company at the Swinnow Theatre during the month of June. Written by gay playwright Brad Fraser and first performed in 1989, the play was acknowledged by TIME Magazine as the “one of the best plays of 1991.”

Snapshots of LBT Women in Maryland History

In March 1911, more than one million women and men attended rallies in Europe to campaign for women’s rights to work, vote, be trained, hold public office, and to end discrimination against women. As this movement to demand equality for women expanded globally, March 8 became recognized annually as International Women’s Day. But until the 1970s, “Women’s History” was unheard of as a subject of study in most American public schools—or even among most American people.

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