Terri Solomon

Terri Solomon

Terri Solomon is a feature writer and the Books Editor for Baltimore Gay Life, a LGBT community news publication. She lives with her wife in Baltimore, Maryland.


The end of September in Mount Vernon traditionally brings cooler nights and the annual literary extravaganza of the Baltimore Book  Festival, now in its 16th year.

Flash fiction. Like lightening, it’s a brief illumination, the sky of your mind brightened with an image that, at its best, lingers after you’ve turned the page. At its worst, flash fiction can be banal, confusing, or both. “They Could No Longer Contain Themselves: A Collection of Five Flash Chapbooks” contains more selections that crash and burn than you’d expect in a collection of best writings from Rose Metal Press’s Annual Short Short Chapbook contest.

Thankfully, the collection is redeemed by some finely crafted, detailed pieces, including the delightful musings in Sean Lovelace’s chapbook, “How Some People Like Their Eggs.” Lovelace writes with humor and originality, presenting readers with the world of Charlie Brown’s inner thoughts; how Andy Warhol, Robert Capa, Cher, and Thelonious Monk, among others, prefer their eggs; and a nursing student with a mania for bocce.

Pride Build with Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery Co. Comes Out for Good Cause

What do the cities of Austin, Texas and Portland, Ore. have in common with Montgomery County, Md? Until last year, not much.

That’s when Bob Bernstein, a former senior official with PFLAG and the devoted dad of a lesbian, became aware of Pride Build in Portland, and began rallying local community members for a similar venture in the Free State. Pride Build gathers members of the LGBT community and its straight allies to rehab a house through Habitat for Humanity.

Easter, Passover, and Sp ring Magick give believers hope and support

What do we believe?

Modern religious and spiritual faiths provide a variety of paths for LGBT individuals to find a welcoming home. While the following churches, synagogues, and covens are not the only places in town for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender men and women to commemorate the holidays of spring, they do offer our community options for inclusive sacred spaces.

Michelle LeBeau, the nine-yearold daughter of an American father and a Japanese mother, stands out in insular Deerhorn, Wis. in   1974. When she is left with her paternal grandparents, Michelle encounters hostility and physical violence from the town’s  residents, who regard her as an unwelcome interloper.

Michelle’s greatest supporter becomes her grandfather, Charlie, a man widely respected for his skill with guns, people, and baseball. Charlie’s also a bigot, and this complexity of character shapes his relationship with his granddaughter, fondly nicknamed Mikey.

A labor of LGBT love four years in the making comes out of the virtual closet when Free State Legal Project begins accepting clients on May 23.

The nonprofit originated with an idea in the minds of a few law students and lawyers from the University of Baltimore and University of Maryland law schools—to “establish a pro bono legal services program that would begin to address the needs of lowincome LGBT persons.”


Creating Change 2012 Projected to Bring 3,000 Attendees to Charm City

Bronson Lemer needed something to get him out of North Dakota. When an Army National Guard recruiter extols the financial benefits of becoming a reservist, the then high school senior thinks it sounds like a good gig—he’ll receive money for college and earn the respect of his family.

Five and a half years later, Lemer has survived a seven month deployment to Kosovo, and the return to civilian college life. He’s ready for his six year commitment to be up—the contrast between the closeted gay man he’s forced to be on weekends and the openly gay student is wearing on him.

With the whirlwind of the last Maryland General Assembly still settling, Gay Life wanted to examine the various transgender support and advocacy groups available to our community.

It’s late June in The City that Reads. Pride has passed, and perhaps your escapist thoughts have turned to vacation plans, or at least a relaxing weekend.

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