10 best comics to read while locked up

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Writer Robert Kirkman is primarily known for his comics and, of course, his scripts for the TV series of the same name. Kirkman is now only active in the world of superheroes. Not in Marvel or DC Comics, but in the relatively new and independent Image Comics.

The series’ Invincible is about the eponymous superhero, the son of Omni-Man. He inherited his powers, a supernatural power and ability to fly, from his father and uses them to protect Earth. Fans of Avid The Walking Dead probably already know the indomitable comics, as the comic books had many cameos in the series. Superhero is also getting his own series on Amazon Prime Video this year, so comics are the perfect way to prepare!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are usually happy company, with necessary jokes and fun. Last Ronin only chooses a somewhat darker style. In the future, Shredder’s grandson Oroko Hiroto will rule New York City. Hiroto rules the city with a tight hand and does not tolerate any contradiction.

Moreover, the four mutant turtles are not there to stop it. Only one of the only mutant ninja turtles remains after the death of his three siblings. Will he be able to bring another ray of light into this dark and gloomy world?

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Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

Stephen King has written many books, but Magnum Opus is without a doubt the Dark Tower series. This book series tells the story of Roland Deschain and Search To reach the Dark Tower – the center of the universe. One of the most beloved books in the A Wizard’s Glass series, where he tells Roland about his early years.

An extended version of that story is now also available as a graphic novel. The five-part series is beautifully illustrated by Jae Lee and delves into the topic. a Must have So for the seasoned Dark Tower fan and a perfect way to get a picture of the many characters in the universe.


Star Wars: The Supreme Republic

After Disney fully acquired the Star Wars franchise, the company made a decision to move everything besides the movies to the so-called Star Wars Legends Universe. This means that all storyboards are no longer there Canon Because Disney wanted to tell stories within the franchise itself.

One such story is the High Republic series, which takes place long before the events of the Skywalker Saga. It is the pinnacle of the Republic and Jedi is in their prime. But war in the universe always lurks!

Marvel Comics

Death Doctor

Usually most comics enthusiasts are fans of one or a group of superheroes and this is often the subject of new stories. One exception is Doctor Doom, the well-known and beloved villain of the Marvel Universe.

The Fantastic Four’s opponent has got a new storyline. The scientist seemed to have an iron fist over the Kingdom of Latvia, but suddenly his subjects turned against him when he was described as the wanted man. This time, Dr. Dom has nothing to do with his score and appears to be a trick of an even bigger supernatural villain!

Dark Horse Comics

The Omnibus Witcher

It’s no secret that The Witcher franchise has gained huge popularity in recent years. Since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the number of fans has grown exponentially and the Witcher series has also been added to Netflix.

You can also experience the universe in a different way. The adventures of Geralt of Rivia are immortalized in Graphic novels From The Witcher. The collector not only counts the different stories, but it also has beautiful graphics!

DC Comics


When it comes to classic comics, you can’t ignore the guards. Alan Moore’s mega story is still considered one of the best Graphic novels Not only ever Movie, But also last year a series as a result.

Sentinels tells the story of an alternate scientist, right guards After retiring for some time, Nixon was reelected and the United States won the Vietnam War. But the world has not improved, as tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union are on the rise and a nuclear war is imminent. Can superheroes save the world this time too?

DC Comics

Batman: The Murder Joke

There are also classics in the vast Marvel and DC Comics universe, with their many stories. One of them is without a doubt Batman: The Killing Joke. Although the comedy is named after a superhero detective, the story is mainly about his opponent: the Joker.

While the super villain has come several times in the DC Comics universe, perhaps The Killing Joke’s most famous villain has never been Backstory It was. This classic method fills in the gaps and does it well. So the story is seen as one of the best Batman stories ever written.

Falcon and Winter Soldier

This year, Disney finally comes with several Marvel series on its streaming service. For example, WandaVision starts in January, and a series on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be launched soon.

If you want to prepare for the adventures of this unlikely duo, you can purchase comics for Falcon & Winter Soldier. The stories look perfect Relationship For the all-new Disney + series.

DC Comics

V for revenge

Alan Moore is seen by many as a legend in the comic world, as the writer not only has guards to his name, but also Batman: The Killing Joke and V for Vendetta.

The latter will be known to the general public for The movie of the same name With Hugo Weaving released in 2005. And of course the iconic mask that many organizations later used as their symbol. The story has its origins only in Alan Moore’s humorous comedy, in which a lone hero fights against a fascist government. So it turns out it can always be a lot worse than shutting down.

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