10 World-Famous Dishes That Look Un-American, But They Are

Italian immigrants were at the center of the American food revolution at the beginning of the nineteenth century. They didn’t just control what Americans ate; They have also changed the way you eat. Two Swiss Italians, Giovanni and Pietro del Monico, opened their first pastry shop in the Batery area of ​​New York in 1827. They used a French word for this: restaurant. Delmonico’s (pictured) quickly became a chain of several restaurants and was so successful that it was quickly followed. In 1870 there were about 5,000 restaurants in New York City alone. Some of them can easily afford to compare the quality with European restaurants.

For many of these immigrants, their dining facilities were a way to make an attractive imprint in the New World. Trattoria Family Matters – Has become a common sight on nearly every street corner in major American cities. The owners were happy to introduce new dishes, many of which would be annoyingly low, but few would remain. Many Italian dishes were invented in New York. An Italian could look at a menu at an Italian restaurant in Chicago in the middle of the last century without knowing a single dish.

American writer Bill Bryson lists in his book Made in USA A number of dishes. It was invented in America, but is set in another country by the majority of the world’s population.

Ten strange American dishes

  • Chop SuiAnd A dish with a very Chinese character (meaning “all kinds” in Cantonese). It was born at the end of the nineteenth century. Not in China, but in San Francisco.
  • Famous world Fortune cookie Or fortune cookies, served at the end of every meal in Chinese restaurants. They weren’t invented in China, but in Los Angeles.
  • Chicken tetrazzini Chicken in cream sauce over spaghetti – is a dish named after Italian soprano Luisa Tetrazzini. It was invented in New York.
  • Caesar salad Attributed to the owner of the Italian restaurant, Caesar Cardini. He would have brought lettuce on a leftover basis to give the late guests something to eat. He lived in Tijuana, a Mexican village on the border of California.
  • Fettucini Spring I grew up in the kitchen of Le Cirque in New York.
  • Cold vegetable soup Vichysoisse It was first introduced in 1910 at the Ritz-Carlton in New York, not in Paris.
  • Hot pepper with beefAnd This popular bean dish was not fully known in Spain. Until it was introduced in America.
  • Noodle dish My Chow It was first introduced in 1880, in New York’s Chinatown.
  • The origin of the famous scientist Hamburger Often located in the German city of Hamburg. Were it not for the lack of a tradition for such a dish in that city. So the people of Seymour (in Wisconsin) and Hamburg (in New York state) are clamoring for the invention of the hamburger. Both claim to have introduced their first hamburger in 1885. A claim that appears dubious because Hamburg Steakhouse actually appeared on Delmonico’s aforementioned menu in 1836.
  • Also traditional Ice cream cone It is an American invention that became famous at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. The patent was actually filed in 1894 by Italian-American Italo Marchionne.
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