10,000 wild horses are being shot in Australia after years of debate

More than 10,000 wild horses will be shot in the coming years at the Kosciuszko Nature Reserve in southeastern Australia. This is the culmination of a debate over what to do with wild horses, which some experts consider an insect and others a cultural heritage.

“They ate everything. It makes me very sad,” said Richard Swain, a tribal guide at the national park. He came to the nature reserve for many years and saw how the number of horses had grown exponentially. Where tourists watch horses play for fun, he notices the devastation left by the animals.

Endangered native animals

At least coming across Australia 400,000 wild horses Because, the world’s largest population. Kosciuszko, one-third the size of the Netherlands, has more than 14,000 wild horses.

They cause erosion, spread weeds and compete with domestic animals for habitat and food. So the state government has recently decided to reduce the population to 3,000 in the coming years. The rest of the animals are still allowed to move freely.

According to experts, the project did not go well enough. There is no doubt among scientists: horses are a plague and they should all be shot. “Horses have no place in this landscape. They weigh about 400 pounds[400 kg]on average.

The most endangered species in this area include yellow-black-striped corroboree kicker, Of which scientists believe only fifty to two hundred remain. Or mastachomycosis, small பூசம் And a unique lizard species, the Alpine She-Oak Skink. Many unique Australian flowers and shrubs are also threatened.

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