11 benefits of a 30-hour work week

A 30-hour work week went with the -40-hour work week and went with all contracts within 30 hours. I have to say I also breathed my coffee when I heard this idea from CNV.

Last week, the union proposed a 30-hour work week strike in the 40-hour pay-new collective bargaining agreement to stem the rising burnouts in the Netherlands. Thought it was a noble endeavor.

But thirty hours for everyone – me too ?! It made me stressed. I don’t know how to do all my work in 30 hours. I am very happy with my current seven day weekend schedule where I like to procrastinate, drink coffee, have pet cats and swan on my lap.

As it came out on Twitter, many readers were shocked. A friend emailed: “You may find that those at Christian Service Headquarters are not really accustomed to working.”

One reader wrote that while continuing to care for her parents and children, she did not know how to work beyond her current part-time contract.

Other readers know that overtime does not really come from work, but from lack of accreditation, managers who make your life miserable, personal problems and getting caught up in the wrong job.

I see all the right arguments.

But the more I read about this, the more I thought, which is a great idea. Look at all the benefits!

1. Because a thirty-hour work week works. Tests conducted in Iceland, Japan, Germany, New Zealand and Spain show that people call sick people less, experience less stress, have higher productivity and better work-life balance. The program can be funded with saved health care costs, social assistance and unemployment benefits and reduced employment in the event of illness.

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We do not yet know what the long-term consequences will be. How would that change if women in care and education — those who already wore a 24-hour job — had to work more hours? But before that, columnists can be asked to write help from behind their desk, thinking they are part-time princesses.

2. In practice it is fine, 30 hours. Yes, your job too. If you delete all the useless meetings, you are already there.

I understand that it’s hard to admit, but do you really produce in the last two hours of a day? Those who work 80 hours a week may be rude to an employer or they may not be able to plan and represent.

Anyway, I know full-time employees who don’t work more than 16 hours a week, the rest of the time rolling in their face, leaning on their shovel, writing useless statements or waiting for the kids to go home. Are in bed. It would be very efficient.

In fact, one reader wrote that many mothers already in the Netherlands have been working full-time on a part-time contract for many years. “No coffee gossip, what do you do on a Friday afternoon this weekend, no Friday afternoon drinks, no pilas and trails, no meetings, no traffic jams. Probably not pleasant, but very efficient ;-)”

3. A working day becomes very clear with a 30 hour work week. Everyone starts at 9am and at 3pm a kong sounds and everyone has to stop – Level playground They call it that. If you do not finish the job, you are out of luck. People who don’t want to go home or love their job too much cry: nothing to do with it. We must proceed now.

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4. Because you have more time for your personal life and hobbies! Yes, if you do not have a personal life or hobbies, it can be very difficult. But you will understand.

5. Doing something at home is definitely always possible. Think about it: all men who do not have ‘time’ now will soon have no reason.

I’m not sure if in those ten extra hours they will actually empty the laundry basket and end up at the golf course or bar. But for that we can use inspectors – ‘Good morning sir, did you do the laundry today?’ – Good to do.

I don’t know how we are going to solve the staff shortage in the transport sector, construction and catering if everyone is going to work 30 hours there. May be: 6) all in the diet, 7) fewer trucks; Construction workers then start: 8) less noise, and 9) longer sleep); Previously the pubs were closed: 10) More sleep – I only see the benefits there, folks.

11. Working less for the same salary paves the way They work for less than a higher salary.

I think I will talk to my boss soon. you too?

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