11 Tips Against Mosquitoes in Your Bedroom

A mosquito on the skin.

3 am. That annoying buzz keeps you awake and you’re done with it. Swearing, you turn on the lamp, grab your fly swatter from the bedside table, and go hunting to repel mosquitoes. Is it recognizable and want to do something about it at least once? How to repel mosquitoes in your bedroom!

Where do mosquitoes go?

Why do you always get punched and your partner doesn’t? Unfortunately, science has yet to answer that question. But it’s true, mosquitoes — in addition to heat and light — rely on body odor. So you smell really good. Or if you have sweaty feet, that’s possible too. If it is alone it will not escape, but if it is in company, the mosquito will choose the person with the most body odor.

Can You Affect Your Body Odor? There is no point in spritzing on a strong smelling shower gel or perfume, or at least only for a very short time. The smell comes from within. Plus, you’re exhaling CO2, which mosquitoes love. You can forget citronella candles and essential oils. Well, everything is fine. But what works against mosquitoes in your bedroom? Read on for 11 tips to help you. This is how to repel mosquitoes!

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Use mosquito repellent spray

Anti-mosquito spray is not very healthy for you, but a few weeks a year and if used correctly, it certainly won’t hurt. Also, a bottle of DEET is perfect to take with you or keep on your bedside table. Face to face with such a monster at night? Spray a little in the right direction and he immediately breathes his last. One drawback is that these chemical treatments only work on the areas you spray or rub them on.

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Repel mosquitoes with plants

Mosquitoes dislike the scent of lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, mint and catnip. The benefit of lavender is that it not only helps repel mosquitoes, but also ensures you sleep better! Don’t have lavender in the house, but do you have mint leaves or catnip? Then rub mint leaves on your skin or spread catnip juice on your bare body parts, mosquitoes love to fly around the block. Unlike using DEET, using herbs is safe and will not harm your health. A perfect alternative!


Put screens on your windows and doors

It’s a slightly open door, but if you don’t want mosquitoes in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to keep the windows closed. This is definitely not realistic because your bedroom needs to be well ventilated. Having mosquito nets on your windows and doors can let everything in the air when mosquitoes are outside in the summer. Useful!


Repel mosquitoes with mosquito nets

A mosquito net is an extension of the solution with an insect screen. This will protect your bed from all mosquitoes. Make sure your mosquito net is long and big so that your legs are also protected and mosquitoes cannot fly under the mosquito net. The size of the holes is also important. Small mosquitoes can still fly into the mosquito net and bite you, of course not the intention.

Mosquitoes, Photo: JEROEN / JUMELET

Mosquitoes, Photo: JEROEN / JUMELET


Fight mosquitoes with a mosquito plug

A mosquito plug is cheap and effective. The vaporizer releases a liquid that kills mosquitoes in the bedroom. That’s how it works. A mosquito repellent plug consists of a bottle of liquid and a vaporizer for the socket. You repel mosquitoes perfectly!

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Get a mosquito net for the bedroom

Complete your ‘anti-mosquito kit’ with a mosquito lamp. The mosquito lamp’s blue light attracts mosquitoes and the UV light electrocutes unwanted guests as soon as they come near the grill. An investment, but you’re actually fighting mosquitoes.

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Use an electric fly swatter

Essential, such a simple electronic fly swatter. If the mosquito senses the airflow with the old-fashioned fly swatter, it will escape before you hit it, and it won’t see it coming. Did you also know that if you approach a mosquito slowly, it won’t sense your approach? With this, success is guaranteed! And… you won’t be bothered by dirty spots on the wall.


Turn on the fan in your bedroom

Mosquitoes cannot withstand the airflow of a fan or air conditioner and will blow as a result. Plus, your room will stay nice and cool during the hot summer months. How to kill two birds with one stone!


Fill the pool and clean the drain

Mosquitoes love open water. The pond in the garden, the rain barrel and the stagnant water in the gutter are veritable amusement parks for them. So make sure the water drains out, cover the pond and turn the empty pots upside down. Bye bye bloody friends.


Wear night clothes

Long, thin nightgowns are the best way to keep mosquitoes off your body in summer. For example, linen is fine and airy, which keeps your body cool and mosquitoes are less likely to bite you. And yours the bed Stays fresh and clean for longer!

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Vitamin B

Applying vitamin B patches or taking vitamin B tablets helps against mosquitoes. The idea behind this is that vitamin B changes your body odor so that you are no longer attractive to mosquitoes. Although there is no scientific evidence, there are many people who benefit from it and stay mosquito-free in the bedroom. Bring on that bbq meat, those desserts, and those delicious sandwiches. Yes, brewer’s yeast also contains a lot of vitamin B. You can try.

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