12 for Sjef van den Berg not enough for last shooters | sport

Frequent Dutch shooters missed the final game of the online World Series indoor on Sunday by a few centimeters. Heeswijker Sjef van den Berg kept the orange trio in the race by scoring a rare 12 tiebreaker points.

This is a novelty presented by the World Shooting Federation in this indoor online tournament. The lower half of the target face has a circle with a diameter of 15 mm. Van den Berg fired brilliantly from 18 meters. With the last arrow, Frenchman Lisa Barbelin hit the Golden Arrow side by side once again with a score of 10.

Perfect 10

The penalties should have won. Thomas Sherrault fired a perfect 10 clean shot in the middle. Steve Weigler’s arrow fell a few inches from the center of goal, eliminating the Dutch team.

Gabi Schlosser Bayardot was the third-shooter for the Netherlands, reaching the semi-finals at the Papendal National Training Center. Via a live video call, they had an overview of a dozen of their French opponents.

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