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Tommy Dorfman, who appeared in the series 13 Reasons Why, has in Interview with Time magazine Let them know she is transgender. The actress tells the magazine that she’s been living as a transgender woman in private circles for a year.

The 29-year-old, who also had roles in the series Jane the Virgin On Love, Victor, uses the pronouns she and she, but chooses to continue with the same first name. She does this as a tribute to her uncle, who was named Tommy, who died a month after her birth. “I feel a strong connection with that name, with my uncle who carried me in his arms while he was dying,” she says.

Dorfman’s followers on social media have speculated about her gender identity in response to the photos posted by the actress. She explains in the interview that for a long time she saw these photos as a form of getting out. ,, was a different version; Since I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it, I just did. Transformation is beautiful, so why not share with the world what that looks like? But if I don’t talk about it as a public person, I will miss the opportunity to tell my own story.”

Dorfman said on Instagram that she is grateful to all the transgender people who came before her. “Those who walked this path before me and risked their lives to live authentically and be themselves radically. Thank you to all the trans women who have shown me who I am, how I can live and have a place in this world.”

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