14 arrested for stabbing near old Charlie Hebdo editor in 2020 | Currently

Italian police arrested 14 Pakistanis during an international police operation on Tuesday. They are suspected of being involved in a stabbing incident near the former editors of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in the year 2020.

So it’s not about attacks on my editors Charlie Hebdo In January 2015. The suspects were arrested in connection with a stabbing incident near the former office of the satirical magazine in Paris.

In the September 2020 stabbing incident, two people were seriously injured. Pakistani Zaheer Hassan, 27, stabbed them with a knife, weeks after the magazine again published controversial caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Police investigations began on Tuesday in Genoa, northern Italy, where one of the suspects lives. Months of research into the so-called Gabar group preceded the procedure. The investigation revealed that other members of this group reside elsewhere in Italy, France and Spain.

As arrests in other countries

A Genoa judge has signed 14 arrest warrants for offenses related to “international terrorism”. The action was coordinated by the European Police Office Europol, in cooperation with police in Italy, France and Spain. Arrests were carried out in those countries, but their number was not disclosed.

Pakistani M. was planning to open an office Charlie Hebdo to shoot in. He didn’t know that the office had moved after the 2015 attack. He mistook the two people he stabbed to be employees of the magazine. In fact, they worked for a company located in the building where Charlie Hebdo Instead he sat.

M was arrested by the French police after the stabbing.

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