14 Tips to Pack Your Bag More Efficiently

Sometimes the mountain of things you want to take with you while on vacation is more than the space in your suitcase. We’ve collected some tips to help you pack more efficiently.

Make a packing list

By making a note in advance of which items you should definitely take with you, you are less likely to forget things. And the least unnecessary things that you pack on a whim. Cross out what you have packed or prepared.

Combine clothes

By choosing clothes that you can combine with each other, you can switch, but you need fewer pieces of clothing in total. Make sure colors and fabrics match. In the case of shoes, choose a limited number and specific activities. So, for example, one pair of comfortable shoes that you can use a little longer, an elegant pair, for example, sandals or slippers. And just to be sure, taking a few pairs with you is fine for a change, but it takes up a lot of space. Shortly before you leave, take a critical look at whether you’ll really be wearing all of your chosen items. If you do this meticulously enough, you will likely get something out of it. It works well when wearing the heaviest equipment or things that take up more space while traveling. This saves weight and space. As in the case of mountaineering shoes.

hand bag

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washing powder with you

If you bring a small amount of washing powder, you can wash your hands a little while on vacation, along with some underwear and socks. So you don’t have to take many copies with you.

Use empty spaces as storage space

You can store small items in shoe cavities, for example. Pack shoes in bags so that the rest of your luggage doesn’t get dirty and small things stay better inside.


Folding can be very effective, but rolling is also a good option. Rolling clothes not only saves space, but also makes clothes less wrinkled. The tighter you wrap it, the less chance of wrinkling.

suitcasevacuum bags

Vacuum bags are easy to roll up, allowing air to escape and are ideal for saving space.

Smart with reading materials in the bag

A stack of holiday books provides many hours of relaxation. But it takes up a lot of space and can get heavy quickly. So choose sleepers, which only occupy a small part of the space of an ordinary book. A book magazine, a book in the form of a magazine, is also less heavy. The same goes for paperback rather than hardcover. Or opt for an e-reader, where you can store hundreds of books, if you don’t mind reading from the screen.

Small packages of toiletries

Shampoo, body wash, deodorant… you need everything, but often the packaging is heavy and takes up a lot of space. Therefore, choose small travel forms or use travel bottles that you fill yourself. To prevent leakage, place pieces of plastic wrap over the bottle openings and tighten the caps. You can also pack the bottles in resealable plastic bags to really rule out stains. Another solution is “bars,” which look like a bar of soap but turn into shampoo, conditioner, or shower foam when wet. They are not only convenient to take with you, but also save plastic. In addition, it does not leak. You just need to let it dry for a while after use.

Protection of fragile items

Vulnerable items, such as a perfume bottle, can be protected by wrapping socks, a towel, shirt, or bra around it.

Do not take unnecessary things with you

A bath towel takes up a lot of space. So, check if there are (free) bath towels available at your vacation address. You can then leave yours at home. If that’s not an option, choose one with a microfiber. It takes up little space and dries quickly. Do you dry your hair with a hair dryer? Then ask if there is a hair dryer at your destination. Then you don’t have to bring it yourself.

packing car

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Easy to find

You can bundle small items together in a resealable plastic bag, for example. For example, you can put necklaces, earrings, and hair clips together. To make sure the necklace or bracelet doesn’t get tangled up, you can pass one half of it through a straw and tie it to the other half. The earrings can be put through the button holes. Charging cables can also be bundled together and are best kept in your handbag, so you don’t have to go through your bag first if you need one. You can also store passports, vouchers and other important papers neatly together. Sorting also works well in the case of clothing. Group them into groups: all the shirts and pants together, for example.

Souvenirs in the bag

In order to be able to take back any souvenirs, it is helpful to leave some space in your bag beforehand. This is especially useful if you are going to fly. Other than that, you can also be sure to bring an empty bag with you, as you can put those kinds of things on the return trip.

dirty laundry

Bring an empty bag for dirty laundry. You can easily find the laundry when you come home and at the same time keep the clothes still clean.

If you will fly

When you take the plane to your travel destination, it wouldn’t hurt to take delayed baggage into account. So pack an extra set of clothes, underwear, socks, toothbrushes, and maybe even a swimsuit in your handbag just to make sure. For this reason, it can also be useful to exchange some things in your bags when you are traveling with someone else. If you lose one bag temporarily, you still have something in the other bag.

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