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European Union member states agree on an emergency plan to cut gas consumption. Unidentified diplomats tell international news agencies that energy ministers will today agree to use 15 percent less gas between August and the end of March, according to the European Commission. Suggested last week. EU Energy Commissioner Simpson expects ministers to reach an agreement.

This is an optional reduction. In the event of an imminent gas shortage, the European Commission wanted to be able to turn savings targets into a commitment. But the revised plan will have many exceptions, allowing countries to break out of these mandatory savings and follow their own energy-saving plan.

Spain’s Energy Minister Ribera expects member states to agree to voluntary savings of less than 15 per cent.

With the emergency plan, EU countries want to prevent homes and essential facilities such as hospitals from running out of gas if Russia decides to provide less gas or no gas at all.

Each member state has its own gas supply plan. In the Netherlands, work has been done in recent months on alternatives to Russian gas. So the gas network operator Gasunie predicts that there will be no gas shortage in the Netherlands next winter without Russian gas, if it is. some cases You are satisfied.

Energy Minister Gitten says the Netherlands has already done it 25% less gas consumption. But he added last week that there was no reason to sit down. “Gazoni also points out that saving energy is the key to preventing gas shortages in the winter.”

In addition, a boycott of Russian gas will have serious consequences for Germany, for example, which is more dependent on gas than Russia. So the German government wants to save by consuming less gas Other power generationlike electricity. Coal-fired power plants must also run faster to make up for the shortfall.

A country like Poland says it does not need to provide gas. The country’s energy minister said the gas supply is sufficiently full for the upcoming winter.

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Gazprom said the reason was the problem of importing turbines due to EU and UK sanctions against Russia. Germany believes that Russia is supplying less gas to the EU for political reasons.

Cabinet wants to get rid of Russian gas. But how are we going to do that? NOS on 3 explains:

Well, no more Russian gas. But then what?

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