17% of residents own PTC or other cryptocurrencies

A new one Report Van Finder concludes that one in six Australians has cryptocurrencies. The results come from their ‘Consumer Sense Monitor’ model. They analyze Aussie trends and their buying behavior.

Bitcoin in Australia

Significantly, twice as many men use cryptocurrency as women. However, the percentage of women holding crypto increased from 7% in January to 11% in June.

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In contrast, the percentage of men who claim to have crypto has dropped from 29% to 23%. Overall, about 17% of Australians own cryptocurrencies. 13% want to make a purchase in the coming year.

Through this kind of research, they also find out why people are investing in digital assets. Primarily value, diversification and FOMO play a role.

In addition, the inventor discovered earlier this year that 56% of Australians believe Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is the inventor of bitcoin.


Bitcoin has proven to be the most popular cryptocurrency. It is owned by 9% of Australian crypto investors. Next to the largest cryptocurrencies are Ethereum (ETH) 8%, Dogecoin (DOGE) 5% and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 4%.

In addition, 31% of the country’s Gen-Zs contain cryptocurrencies. This is a group of 24-year-olds. However, the number of people holding digital currencies has declined among other generations.

Popular Bitcoin in Australia: 17% of residents own PTC or other cryptocurrencies

Inventor’s crypto expert James Edwards reacts to the results as follows:

“Many Aussies now have a clear idea of ​​the benefits of cryptocurrencies like fiat currency and bitcoin against inflation.

According to research that social media is a driving force for the rise of cryptocurrencies. More than half of Australians (52%) get their news from social media.

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