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The Boeing spacecraft, which plans to bring astronauts to the ISS, made its first visit to the space station last night. The unmanned CST-100 Starliner joined the ISS at 02:28 a.m. Dutch time.

This is an important step for Boeing. A successful drone test is a prerequisite for the ISS to be allowed to carry astronauts to NASA. At the end of 2019 the previous attempt failed. A computer error in the computer clock prevents the capsule from going into the wrong orbit and reaching the ISS.

Other news of the night

Then it is:

Travel blog Capture The Atlas organizes a competition each year for photographers who know how to photograph our own Milky Way in the most beautiful way. Capturing the signature nebula is a challenge because even the slightest light pollution interferes with vision. Also, the Milky Way in the Northern Hemisphere is clearly visible only in the Southern Hemisphere from February to October and from January to November.

But when those conditions are met, the images are created into images that are no less than small works of art Choose with the most beautiful photos Capture winner of this year’s Atlas.

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