2160p from YouTube could become a standout: Google is testing it in the app

YouTube seems to be toying with the idea of ​​turning 4K resolution into Premium. On Reddit, Shared screenshot from youtube appwhich reads “Premium – Click to upgrade” in the 2160p option.

It’s been clear for some time that Google wants you to use YouTube Premium. The large number of ads, along with the constantly popping up ‘tip’ to try Premium for a month is annoying to say the least.

2160p as a premium feature in the YouTube app (reddit).

Restricting functionality to ‘non-premium’ users is nothing new in itself: for example, with the YouTube app, it is not possible to play a video in the background without having a subscription (something YouTube Vanced repairs).

Google may now also want to limit 2160p or 4k resolution, although it seems that most users aren’t bothered by this yet. The company may first try the new “feature” with a small group of users.

A regular YouTube Premium subscription costs €11.99 per month. After that, there are no ads on YouTube and YouTube Music, and you can play and download in the background. In the Netherlands, a Youtube Premium Lite subscription is also available, with which you can get rid of ads only for 6.99 euros.


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