25 injured in a dangerous house fire in Anderlecht, near Brussels abroad

The fire was observed in the four-story residence around 3:00 AM. “When we arrived, a fire really broke out in one of the apartments,” says firefighter spokesman Walter Derio. It is a four storey residential building and a back building. Several residents had already taken themselves to safety, but firefighters had to evacuate others.

The smoke overwhelmed three of the four injured firefighters, and the fourth sustained burns to the neck and upper back.

Risk of collapse

And because the building has already been significantly damaged by the fire and the possibility of seeing some cracks, there is a risk of collapse and the firefighters have not been able to enter the homes yet. So it could be that the number of victims was not yet final. Several nearby homes have been evacuated and dozens are being received.

It was not clear how the fire started. “It’s too early to say that,” says Derio.

Rescue and emergency services on site. Fabrice Kamps, mayor of Anderlecht, will also attend.

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