26 infections and the Australian government will be locked up for a week

Epidemiologists are concerned because many sufferers have been around for at least a week with symptoms. In total, the affected people visited at least eighty different places. The victim visited a busy stadium.

Not enough test capability

“Herd immunity is lacking in Australia,” explains virologist Jane Halton to Australians 9 News From. “In addition, there is not enough testing capability.” Waiting hours at various checkpoints in Melbourne increased by several hours:

It is not yet clear how the virus got into the community. To prevent the explosion from spreading further, residents are not allowed to travel more than three miles from home.

Mouth masks on the inside and outside are mandatory everywhere. Groceries are only allowed by one member of the household once a day and all essential stores are closed.

Winter on the doorstep

The travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand appeared to detect some new infections in Victoria earlier this week. The virus has been eradicated in both countries, but now the vaccine has not progressed and as winter approaches the chances of another outbreak are high.

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