#3 | Mustafa Amhaouch (CDA)

She is the only Muslim in the Christian Democratic Appeal faction. He has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2016 and his portfolio includes economic affairs. Talent development is one of its most important core values. His perseverance comes in handy in furthering the adventurous interests of the Netherlands.

#3 Mustafa Amhaouch (CDA)


It’s not just a political heavyweight, because at a young age, Mustafa Amhaouche (CDA) became the Dutch taekwondo champion several times. As a coach in this sport, you know that training and self-confidence are key and that some people need a little more help than others. After working for ASML for 20 years, he replaced sunny Limburg with the turbulent political life in The Hague.

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At my previous employer, he learned that large companies work closely with SMEs in the Netherlands. Therefore, his plea is not to pit these two sectors against each other, but to ensure that they work together further. This is how European champions are made. It is important that we continue to connect SMEs – from national to European – because he believes this will ultimately benefit everyone.

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Amhaouch also calls for a solidarity tax. Businesses that have benefited the most from the coronavirus crisis – such as delivery services or supermarkets – should be able to pay more taxes temporarily. In this way, the hard-hit entrepreneurs can be partially saved.

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