3 people send the tape back

    Michel Isagas with his royal decoration.  ANP image

Michel Isagas with his royal decoration.ANP image

The Chancellery of the Orders of the Netherlands informs Norwegian Refugee Council. According to the foundation, which advises on awarding the ribbons, this is the first time an award has provoked such a reaction. This year, 2,830 bars were awarded.

Isagas was honored last week for his services to diversity and fighting discrimination and racism. The anthropologist is one of the initiators of The Black Archives, a cultural-historical archive on the colonial past, slavery and racism, and takes part in the Black Lives Matter protests in the Netherlands. But he is best known as the leader of the Kick Out Zwarte Piet movement.


In addition to the positive feedback, this also led to turmoil. One of the people who say he wants his award back is Weinand Schrouten. Limburger, who was distinguished in 2003 for his services to sports and culture, had reported this to the mayor.

in the message sent Limburger He writes: ‘I don’t want to be associated with activist Mitchell Isagas of Kick Out Zwarte Piet, who decorated in Amsterdam. Esajas wants to destroy our Dutch traditions. I find the tape of such a provocateur unacceptable and an insult to all who have been awarded the Royal Medal in the past.

PVV leader Geert Wilders also expressed his surprise on Twitter after Isagas was honored. ‘Oh my God. Zwarte Piet itself deserves so much more! ’, he wrote in a letter about the appointment as a knight.

Troubling and problematic

Esajas leaves in a comment Norwegian Refugee Council Learning the feedback is further evidence that the work he and his organizations like Kick Out Zwarte Piet are doing is “badly needed”. It is troubling and problematic for people who have committed themselves to society to feel that I and others are out to destroy Dutch culture. If people had a historical awareness and more knowledge of colonial history, I think they would be more open to other voices and points of view.

    Isagas receives his royal decoration from the Mayor of Amsterdam, Vimke Halsema.  ANP image

Isagas receives his royal decoration from the Mayor of Amsterdam, Vimke Halsema.ANP image

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