30 manifestations of darkness that make them glow in your brain ★★★★ ☆

30 Appearing in the Dark by choreographer Arno Schwetemaker.  Bart Grettens's photo

30 Appearing in the Dark by choreographer Arno Schwetemaker.Bart Grettens’s photo

Holland Festival emails before the premiere 30 Appearances in the Dark Choreographer Arno Schuitemaker has issued a warning about the use of flashes of light. This is skimping. Halfway through, LED tubes flash on and off across the entire width of the Transformer House at such a sinister pace that they have a torturous effect on the optic nerves. This strange attack on the senses remains for days. Therefore, this is the only critique of the overall escalation flawlessly created in dance, light and sound.

This dance performance has everything that a low stimulus performance doesn’t have. Before starting we look at the battery of the headlights for a long time. The features of the naked bodies loomed one by one between the columns of black cloth. Layers of revealing light made her complexion explode. Just as their arms, shoulders, and legs light up in the depths, so they vanish casually in the twilight, until only the shadows betray their presence.

For a long time I guessed at the number of performers. You eventually find out, because both men and women are chasing a certain wave of waves through their bodies. Their bodies constantly undulate in a lemniscate shape, which is characteristic of the Schuitemaker’s club dance language. Their legs never stand still, but they don’t extend very far either.

Meanwhile, the enormous space filled with a huge puffing sound, as if a roaring machine was about to run out. Here, too, an innovative pattern flows through the massive music: individual sounds roll away, steps bounce, a sonorous melody spirals upward.

In this seductive game of hide and seek, Schuitemaker steadily creates space for a redeeming ending. It’s an intense feeling to feel your brain glow from the inside afterwards. Now filter this torture into the middle segment in favor of the fall tour.

30 Appearances in the Dark


By choreographer Arno Schootemaker. Music: Art Strutmann. The Light: Jean Kalman.

10/6, Westergas Transformer House, Amsterdam. Round 7/9 to 15/12.

30 Appearances in the Dark.  Bart Grettens's photo

30 Appearances in the Dark.Bart Grettens’s photo

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