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Mosaic in Heerlen

At Heerlen, Mothership is the godfather of an artistic concept that should connect residents to their new residential neighborhood Heerleheide. This is why the Mothership and the municipality of Heerlen have been searching for stories about coal mines, goat riders, sunken roads, and other history. Then artist Arno Koenen and his team and a municipal landscape architect designed Cornelius Park, which includes mosaics depicting historical stories. Additionally, locals helped lay 300,000 glass bricks, creating communication and pride among the locals.

green sea mer

According to Everart, every design task for Almere’s greening should be around the seabed – the city is built on the seabed after all. That is why the green sea is reflected in the continuous development of the city center. “The Elmir has conquered the sea! But that is nowhere to be seen now; a ‘missed opportunity’,” said the story hunter. That is why Floriade is soon connected to the city center by a sea green carpet and other artistic concepts. So that the inhabitants recognize themselves in it and become more proud Palmer”.
A 110-meter bench will be installed in this sea green carpet that will connect the Stadhuisplein square to the Weerwater. The playful swing sofa is the perfect place to sit and bear the colors of the sea. Due to its high-gloss reflective powder coating, buildings, plants and passersby reflect as if they were in a water surface – inviting selfies. In this way, the long artistic bench becomes an identity carrier for the Prince.

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art value

The value of artistic concepts and identity carriers in public space is great. Art in the public space can contribute to the mission goals of greening, social inclusion and integration. More trees, flowers, and other green spaces result in a more pleasant quality of stay, leading to better health for residents, more inclusion in nature, more encounters, longer stay time and more spending on food and recreation, for example. This is beneficial to the community, economy and real estate value of the surrounding properties.
The additional investment, for example, in artwork at Markthal Rotterdam is insignificant compared to what all parties add. Because of this added value, project developers and real estate investors are often willing to invest in greening the environment and the municipality doesn’t have to take everything out of the budget for artistic and cultural projects. In addition, asset management organizations want to invest in an improved living environment for the benefit of society.

longer He is better

For a mother, bigger is always better. “This is the common thread across all Mothership projects: Do something that others wouldn’t even dare dream about. Make it crazy, because then it will stand out, people will think about it, and therefore it will have an impact,” explains Everert. “This awareness is an important part of our work and also contributes to awareness of the importance of greening in the urban transformation.”
Of course, no one can make something creative right away. At Mothership, Everaert and colleagues are constantly working to get the most creative collaborations between artists, businesses, and governments on the ground. It is necessary to know and get to know everyone’s interests. “We have to make sure that we provide a strong story and concept. The artist or group of artists can give substance to this. You have to stimulate their creativity and show that they will make a real impact.”

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Angels in Zwolle

The Mothership also tries to contribute to greening, urban identity and pride in Zwolle. “Finding the central message, such a convenient and distinctive hook, takes time and creativity.” The story of Zwolle tells of Archangel Michael, who defeated the dragon at Zwolle in Blacker Water and managed to improve himself in combat. The Archangel is the bearer of the city’s identity.” He points to this new Engelenbad, a walking route from downtown Zwolle to IJssel. This backbone of downtown Zwolle’s development is filled with private artwork, accommodations, rest areas, and bridges, including a public rail bridge. This bridge forms a “lifted” street as if it were an angel between past, present and future. Thanks to its many plants, it contributes to biodiversity and invites people and animals to stay here. There will also be a special water artwork at the highest point of the bridge. Visitors can see and touch the water. “Pedestrians can cross the bridge in two minutes, but we are trying to at least double that residence time with the right equipment. A moment to pause and reset: “I walk from the classic past to the city of the future,” says Everert.

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