31 knowledge platform and network organization for the city and region

Since 2014, Hamid Karakos has been serving as a Director to promote Platform31 as a knowledge and network organization. Now that his future ambitions were further articulated in the multi-year plan, it was time for him to abandon the organization. Hammett will remain committed to Platform31 until a new director is found.

When Hamid took over as Platform31 director, it was a challenging task to allow four different organizations to grow together into one. He explains: “We began a process in which we set our course again and arrived at a mission and vision that became the starting point for our modus operandi. Since then, our programs have focused on connecting policy, practice and science around current issues. We are satisfied if we come up with an approach that allows officials, policy makers and implementers to act immediately and if The results of our educational and educational programs were available to all.” Seven years later, he can honestly say that he is proud that Platform31 has carved out a unique position in the knowledge scene as a knowledge organization and network. “We are able to connect a wide network of thematic issues, to deal with these issues in an integrated way and to bring different interests together in our knowledge and educational programmes. With this we were able to increase learning and innovation capacity in the city, the region and the central government,” says Hamid.

cooperation IVO

He is also proud of the cooperation that has arisen since 2018 with Research Institute IVO. “Working together actively on research programs helps us enhance our scientific profile and is a nice addition to the collaborative relationship we already had with universities, colleges, planning agencies and other knowledge partners.”

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New board room

The way it works together and future ambitions are now defined in a multi-year plan and anchored in a new organizational model. “For me personally, this is the natural moment to let go of the organization and give the organization the space to find a new manager. Someone who, along with MT, can give more substance to our ambitions.”

Start hiring

This means that the summer months are used to prepare a profile for a new manager, after which recruitment and selection can begin. We are so grateful to Hamet for the way he worksIVO on the map and how he committed himself to the organization and will continue to do so until a new director is appointed,” said Johann Remix, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

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