35% more registrations for the long sports weekend in Nieuwpoort

The popular sports event Long Course Weekend will be held again in Nieuwpoort from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September. The concept, where you can sample three different endurance sports, can count on the 2,600 athletes participating in this edition, an increase of 35% over last year. Today’s registrations are also new.

Long Course Weekend is a one-of-a-kind multi-sport festival that brings together all the disciplines of triathlon. For three days, participants can choose from three disciplines at different distances: swimming (Friday), cycling (Saturday) and running (Sunday). You can read the full program at lcwbelgium.com.

Increase recordings

For true enthusiasts, there’s a Long Course Weekend option: a full 3-day triathlon. Are long distances too ambitious? Then there’s the Half Long Course Weekend option: the 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike, and half marathon run. Each athlete who successfully completes the entire Long Course will receive a fourth medal on top of the medal he or she earns in each discipline.

Registration numbers show that the concept is a success. This version can be based on a 35% increase in the number of participants. Long Course Weekend welcomes no less than 2,600 athletes from various countries such as France, Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. There are 400 participants for the swimming part. The cycling division has 800 registrations. Running cycle is also popular. 1,400 sports fans have registered for this.

The event will also promote residential tourism in Nieuwpoort. About 700 participants indicated that they would spend the night locally.

children running

Aldermann Sport Bert Johnst (CD&V) is pleased that Nieuwpoort can once again host the long weekend tournament: “Thanks to this event, many participants can experience our city in a different way. In addition, it is a good incentive to be active in the sport. Thanks Different distances and disciplines, the sports festival is designed for every type of athlete. As youngsters think. They can enjoy themselves at the Kids Run on Sunday.”

New this year is that you can also sign up for Sports Component Day. This is specially designed for the spontaneous sports decision maker. To do this, you must register with the organization in metropolitan Vismijn.

200 volunteers

Long Course Weekend creates a lot of atmosphere and brings the local community together. The event could not exist without the cooperation of the city, local businessmen and thousands of supporters who provide the necessary fun. In addition, the organization can again count on the efforts of at least 200 volunteers.

Mayor Gert Vanden Brücke (CD&V) is also looking forward to this event: “We want Nieuwpoort to feel like a real home base. Connected events like Long Course Weekend play a key role in this. This allows participants to get to know each other in a different way. The atmosphere that Accompanying the event is also a real added value. Everyone sincerely sympathizes with all participants and cheers them on at the finish line. We hope to be able to count on many spectators again this year.”

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