4 strange discoveries from the masked singer around the world

A famous Dutch

While the performance wasn’t necessarily weird, the revelation was. Germany and the whole of the Netherlands were turned upside down when it became known that Sylvie Mays was wearing an alpaca suit. Only comedian Bulent Celan was sure that he was not a German, but rather a Dutchman, to wear the outfit. And those little feet, could only belong to one person: our Syl. She enjoyed her post, which she even managed to hide from her son Damien.

Remove the mask prematurely

Not only in the Netherlands The Mystery Singer It was a huge hit, and in the United States the show attracted millions of viewers. However, in the final episode, something happened that probably did not satisfy the creators much. One of the participants revealed, without being voted on, his true identity. Gremlin decided it was enough. Shortly after his performance, the jury was allowed to guess who was wearing the suit, but the answer came prematurely. The monster said, “I want to take off this mask now.” Only actor Mickey Rourke appears in the suit. piano? “It’s very hot.”

No disclosure

Also in Thailand they flee The Mystery Singer. However, one of the shows sparked a real online protest among viewers – especially the revelation. Or rather: its lack.

Season 1 did not go as planned. The three-hour season finale was announced four months later, and the presenter promised that all remaining candidates would reveal themselves. But there was only one left in the end, the famous Dorian. The presenter suddenly cut the show without revealing Dorian. “Viewers across the country are now eager to know who you really are. We’ll see the face behind Dorian next week as the rules allow only one mask to be revealed per week,” said broadcaster Kan Cantathaphorn.

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This caused a lot of booing, angry jury members and a lot of criticism on social media. The broadcaster later announced that the broadcast could not continue due to time constraints and technical errors. A week later it was revealed and revealed to be Itsara Kidnitchee, the singer of a popular band. His online shows were also a huge hit. For example, his showing of Adeles’ “Set Fire To The Rain” generated 150 million views on YouTube.

K3 not included

Something happened in our southern neighbors that melted many Flemish hearts. Since we have Loretta Shriver as a member of the committee, they manage to get Karen Damen over. This is why they also managed to get another former K3 member to participate. Turns out, the mermaid suit was none other than Kathleen Ayers, who had lived in South Africa for years. She has Karen run on stage when K3 sees her ex-boyfriend.

The Dutch version also had a passionate inspiration. For example, it turns out that Ernst Daniel Smead was wearing a yeti jumpsuit. The singer has been suffering from Parkinson’s for quite some time, and he said he was glad to be allowed to participate. Tell everything about it on RTL Boulevard.

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