47,000 euros for Finch Hutton’s son in Oldenburger special edition

Finn the Great. Photo: Oldenburger Elite Auction

Finn the Great (by Finch Hutton) won the Oldenburger Special Edition at auction yesterday. The dressage stallion sold for 47 47,000 to an auctioneer from New Zealand. Winner of riding horses Blue hope (Via Bordeaux), this gelding came into the hands of a Spanish buyer for ,000 41,000.

The Chesterfield (saccade blue) show is the most expensive foil in the jumping foil, he stayed in Germany and the hammer fell to 23,500 euros.

The average is 15,000 euros

34 puppies were auctioned and the total turnover was 573,500 euros. The average cost of a puppy is about 15,000 euros. Sixteen puppies were sold abroad: Sweden (3), Belgium (2), Colombia (2), Austria (2), USA (2), Denmark (1), New Zealand (1), Netherlands (1), Spain (1) and Hungary (1).

All prices fall

Horseback riding

With nineteen riding horses under the hammer, the total turnover was 447,750 euros, with an average amount of 23,000 euros. Five horses went abroad: Australia (2), Switzerland (1), Spain (1) and the United States (1).

Horseback riding at all prices

Source: St. George

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