5 most important new features in Chrome version 90, here it is

Chrome version 90 is ready, and there are a lot of new features in the desktop version of the browser. You can highlight and share text on a webpage, there are improvements to the PDF reader, and tabs can now be named. Features will be available in the coming weeks. Here you will find the five new jobs.

1. Highlight the text and share it

If you want to show a friend or colleague something new with the help of a website, send a quick link. Although, this is not always useful with long web pages. So you can now select a piece of text to instantly refer the other person to the right part. The function works when a piece of text is highlighted and right-clicked on it. Then choose “Copy link to tick”.

Once your friend or colleague clicks on the link, it is passed over Chrome To the correct part of the web page where the text is highlighted in yellow. Very useful, and should also work in Android, we find out In a Google blog post Where jobs are represented.

2. New in pfd reader

Google has been working on it for quite some time New pdf reader Which has a better interface in each area than the previous one. Google has now messed up more with its PDF reader for Chrome, and there’s a new toolbar at the top that gives you instant access to the most important functions: changing pages, zooming in and out, saving and printing.

There is also a list of the three dots where you can find everything else. You can view document properties, display two pages at the same time, or activate a new presentation mode. This is especially for when you are sharing your screen, because all menus disappear from the screen.

5 most important new features in Chrome version 90, here it is

3. Mute notifications while presenting

When applying, you not only want the PDF reader to have an elegant appearance, but you also want the notifications to remain private. When you share a browser tab, you can always get unassigned messages for the whole group, which is why Chrome will now ignore browser notifications by default. If you get a notification, it will still appear, but the content will still be hidden.

You can then click the notification to view the content, or you can mute all notifications to stop interfering at all during a presentation.

4. Name your windows

Who are totally in it De-flow While working and opening so many tabs, you can sometimes get lost quickly due to all those different tabs and browser windows. Tab groups Thankfully a thing since this year, but now you can also name tabs. You can do this by right-clicking on an empty space in the tab bar. Windows has very clear names, especially when switching between windows on your computer.

5 most important new features in Chrome version 90, here it is

5. Better performance

Let’s be honest, all of these features are pretty cool, but what really matters is that your browser is running smoothly. Chrome is now more efficient thanks to the processing power of your computer and less memory is used per tab. Google has made smart savings for this. For example, if you scroll through the large images in the active tab, that is a part of the page that you are no longer actively using. From now on, it uses less working memory.

The new improvements also ensure that Chrome uses less battery and that your computer doesn’t overheat quickly, but Android also takes advantage of these improvements. Chrome now launches 13 percent faster, even with multiple tabs open.

Chrome 90 is now rolling out to users, but Google is providing many of these features via a server-side update in the coming weeks. If you can’t use these new things right away, that’s definitely not surprising. Not everything is available with us either. What new things are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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