‘5 New OnePlus Camera Features On The Way, These Are’

OnePlus is working on a bunch of new features for its camera app. For example, the feature ensures that photos look like thumbnails, but there is also a tool that helps you focus.

OnePlus camera

Which leads to OnePlus 9, The brand’s next top device, we expect OnePlus to develop new capabilities for the camera app. XDA Developers Already in the app code that comes with the OnePlus 7T and Android 11 beta And I found five novelties of the camera app there. We have listed them for you here.

Leaked photos of the OnePlus 9 prototype

1. Tilt-shift

This is the feature that has been discovered included in most information Visuals Describing the process. Maybe you know those hilarious movies from Madurodam with Few People and Cars in motion? This camera function aims to simulate the effect of an artificial city. Everything appears to be in thumbnail, and OnePlus seems to equip the feature with several ways to completely customize the effect to your liking. It is not clear if this function only works while taking pictures or while shooting.

Leaked information from OnePlus about the Tilt-shift operation

2. Hyperlapse

OnePlus has been offering timelapse functionality in its camera app for quite some time, but it looks like a special Hyperlapse is coming as well. Time lapse is an accelerating effect that relies on separate images being placed one after the other, but in Hyperlapse you do the same with motion pictures.

3. Astral explosion

When you point the camera normally at the sun, you get strange distortions in the lens, which usually make your photos look unimpressive. OnePlus’ new starburst mode ensures that your phone’s camera is properly optimized for photos that show the bright sun, and around the sun you see rays that appear as a star. You can also see this in the example below for a “starburst” effect. Your phone’s camera tries to capture as much light as possible, but at the same time not so much so that the image remains clear.

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An example of a starburst effect. Photo: Jules Verne Times Two, julesvernex2.com

4. Peak focus

This function is already known to photographers as part of the software on SLR cameras. It is a help with which you can ensure that the correct part of the subject that you want to focus on is in the photo. In the viewfinder, you will see a marker of what is in focus. This may become part of the OnePlus Pro camera feature.

Example of peak focus focus. Photo: Bouch

5. Moon setting

Several phone manufacturers have been improving their cameras for some time to capture beautiful pictures of the moon. In the run-up to the launch of the Huawei P30, CEO Richard Yu took one Nice pic Moon jointly with the endoscope camera by phone. Rumors say we don’t have to expect a periscope camera with 5x optical zoom with the OnePlus 9 and the Pro version, but OnePlus has other plans to improve its phones to get beautiful shots of the moon.

Moon image of Huawei CEO Richard Yu

Want to know more about OnePlus 9? Have a look here An overview of everything we already know about the upcoming phones. Looking forward to these new camera functions? Which do you prefer the most? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

OnePlus 9

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