5 reasons why Daði is bigger than Eurovision Song Contest 2021

They have been quarantined in their hotel rooms in Rotterdam for half a week at Eurovision. Thanks to their delegation’s positive COVID test, they were not allowed to perform live during the semi-finals and finals of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Shame, because how many great films could Daði Freyr and Gagnamagni make if they were their way to go? Just look at everything they did in their short time in the Netherlands. So, salute: five reasons why Iceland’s entry in 2021 is so much more than just entering Eurovision.

1. The song is real
Let’s start with the song. In fact, we do not mean not connected Or something like that – Daði makes electronic music and he’s really good. No, we actually mean what Daði’s music says. Many of his songs are an ode to the everyday happiness of being together. at Think about things, that famous entry for 2020, Daði sings about the magic of watching his newborn baby. And the 10 years He wrote to his wife – who by the way is standing next to him on the stage.

10 years Simply saying this: Every normal day with you is more beautiful than the past, I want to have many normal days with you. Doesn’t this go much deeper than your average “I love you, never let you go”?

2. They are real
Eurovision glitter, fireworks, makeup. But how refreshing is it to see someone wearing glasses on stage? Their sweaters, their deliberately ridiculous dances (or inappropriate The silence at the beginning and end of nearly every Daði movie) – everything Daði og Gagnamagnið does has that sweet mix of gentle humor and perfect sobriety. You can use your great interest in Eurovision to show off your looks and talents, or… You’re trying to help your dad reach 10,000 followers on Twitter. for this reason. (Tip: Follow this guy, because he needs more)

And of course a dance. Many countries do something TikTok-friendly, but Daði is next stage. Watch the tutorial for yourself and conclude that you can do this with your family tonight.

And also watch the documentary made by the Icelandic broadcaster about the group. He tells us where Icelandic musicians come from, how they live, what they find important and how they approached preparing for the Eurovision competition. They seem to have thought of everything, so don’t be surprised if somewhere in your schedule you receive a special call for your country to vote for Iceland – always accompanied by Daði who repeats the sung words at random in the voiceover.

3. They can do anything
Let’s be honest: If Daði og Gagnamagnið had to perform from their hotel room during the final due to quarantine, they probably would have done so so brilliantly that they won the Eurovision Song Contest.

But besides this, the Icelanders are their technologists, producers, PR personnel, choreographers, etc. In the documentary, but also in made fromIn the videos, we see that almost everything you see during the performance is made at home. Those cool machines? Daði and Gagnamagni were busy in a workshop on a few rainy days using mounting binoculars, sanding machines, wood glue and paint. Those monster costumes and super robots In their video? Yes, homemade Watch! (Tip of the veil: full face helmets and paper mache)

And that wasn’t enough, because Daði’s sister, who was also on stage, thought it would be good if they all had a special Daði ring, with superpowers in it to defeat the monsters. Handy, doing gold crafting training, she can practice pretty well. Leave NikkieTutorials In a LookLab conversation she had with Icelanders Although they also wanted such a ring.

4. They go out into the world
From his hotel room, where he is in quarantine for Covid, Daði casually announces… that he is going on a world tour. In 2022, it will happen: the UK, then the US, Scandinavian countries, a whole bunch of European countries – they’ve booked it all over the place. And yes, it is coming Also to the Netherlands.

Because Daði Freyr is already this big, not least because of the numerous and wonderful covers he’s made in recent years. grip? OK: Duncan LawrenceAnd the Billie EilishAnd the ShareAnd the Eleni Forera, from Netflix Eurovision – They all underwent the Daði treatment. And of course many more will follow.

At the same time it was time for his own music, and this is how he appeared in Eurovision Week Daei EP. It features, in addition to its Eurovision entries, three more songs and a great remix of 10 years by Canadian Electromagnetic Diode Cromo.
Obviously: Daði has already finished the festival. “Can everyone stop wondering how sad we are?” He tweets from the bubble bath in his hotel room. ‘That would be nice!’ To share the link to the latest feature next: File augmented reality-a program ‘Daði goes to Rotterdam, allowing you to make Daði sing anywhere you want: “In your living room, on the kitchen table, over your head, or wherever you want.”

5. They are a game
Dai og Gagnamagnið is unique in many ways, but it’s definitely a first in Eurovision! In short: in a video 10 years Iceland is devastated by a huge monster, only Daði and his squad members can defeat the monster with their unconventional dance. The battle has turned into a game. Free download for you Android-phone and Iphone.

The fact that Icelanders are unable to partake of living in Eurovision due to this stupid virus and thus see a unique experience in their lives go up in smoke is, of course, horrific. But in fact, it was already clear that Daði Freyr and his band didn’t need those three minutes on that stage at all. They can do anything, and at the same time they can sit at the table with you or me with a cup of tea. Because that’s what these perfectly normal people tell us: Anyone can be a superhero.

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