5 signs of malware on your phone and what to do

Are strange things happening on your phone? Then there is the possibility that malicious apps are running. We explain the possible signs of a malware application and what you can do about it. Prevention is better than cure.

Android malware

Android phones generally have relatively good protection against traditional viruses, so there is no need to run an antivirus or similar applications on your phone. Such applications can only work with your phone forgive.

However, this does not mean that you cannot fall victim to phishing, because cheating on WhatsApp is coming today Very common. It is also possible to unintentionally install malicious apps on your phone, for example From alternative app stores Or deceptive ads. We’ll tell you about the possible signs of malware being on your phone.

1. High data usage

If things happen on your phone in the background that don’t belong, you might already be able to tell from the increased use of mobile data. Often these are background clicks to make a profit for the cybercriminals, or the data is sent en masse to the malicious person’s data.

go to the Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile Network> Data usage from the app, And check if your consumption has increased in recent weeks compared to previous weeks. You might instantly see which app is your high data usage originating from.

5 signs of malware on your phone and what to do

2. Ads and popup notifications

Once you see ads between your notifications that are too compelling to click on, that could be a strong indication of malware. This is especially the case when you suddenly see another lock screen full of ads or when pop-up ads appear on the screen. Practices like these slow down your phone, are a nuisance and also consume battery life and mobile data package.

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3. Unknown applications

Don’t be suspicious of every app you haven’t used before, it could possibly be pre-installed apps from the manufacturer or bloatware. The latter are apps and games that are paid for by the manufacturer to install on your phone.

5 signs of malware on your phone and what to do

However, if you see apps or games that you know weren’t pre-existing on your device, then it’s likely malware. In this case, these apps will infiltrate your Android phone via channels other than Google Play Store. These malicious apps can also cause more malware to automatically install on your phone.

4. Application crashes

App crashes on your phone can be the result of harmless errors, but it can also be a sign that something is wrong with your smartphone. When malware affects the operation of your phone, often unintentionally, it can prevent apps from shutting down regularly.

We say “unintentionally”, because in principle there is no incentive for a malware application to disrupt your phone. Hence, they can only be detected more quickly by the user, who then deletes them.

5. High heat and battery consumption

These two things go hand in hand. While malware apps are running in the background, this additional computing power will heat up your phone, which will lead to more battery consumption. Phones that feel warm and lively for no apparent reason may become victims of cybercriminals.

5 signs of malware on your phone and what to do

What if your phone contains malware?

If your phone can get past one of the signs mentioned above, that doesn’t mean bad things have actually happened. Often times, a combination of the above characteristics will convince you.

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If you discover an app on your phone that does not belong to it, the first idea is of course to delete that app. However, this does not make you sure that your phone is free of harmful apps. It is best to reset the phone to factory settings and perform a fresh install.

5 signs of malware on your phone and what to do

First, make sure you have an accurate backup of all your data, including photos and documents. Then go to Settings> System> Advanced Options> Reset Options> Erase All Data (Factory Reset)> Erase All Data.

Block malware

In the case of malware, prevention is always much better than cure. Below are a number of general tips that can protect you. Then we link below to a number of articles that can help you.

  • Always install the latter Android security updates
  • Make sure your apps receive automatic updates from the Play Store. This requires storage space on your device
  • Use a screen lock method such as PIN or fingerprint lock
  • Do not download applications from sources other than the Google Play Store
  • Be on the lookout for spam, untrustworthy phone calls, or apps

Have you ever had malware on your phone? What did you do next? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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