5000 euros for the cultural church “Future”.


BREEDENBROEK – The Cultuurkerk De Toekomst in Breedenbroek has received a check for at least €5,000 from the Rabo Cultuur Fonds. Thijs Brus (Advisor to SME Rabobank Graafschap) handed the check to Treasurer Peter Vinkenvleugel and Chairman Leo Roeterink.

by Waltraud Wensink

The function of the cultural house
Part of the old foundation is still visible, and the church proudly still stands, but has been extensively renovated. Where some people were skeptical about the appearance outside the former Peter and Paul Church, people would likely view it differently once inside. They can then see what has been done and how beautiful and functional it is. Inside, a number of ancient elements created in the current setup have been used so that it can also be traced inside that it was the church previously. There is an eye for a piece of history. Leo Rotrink: “Actually you can no longer see it as a church, although once a month we prepare prayers for interested parties and there is still the possibility of a funeral. We also have a room furnished as a room of silence or Mary’s chapel. People can light a candle if necessary. For the rest, the building really has the function of a cultural center, which we would like to emphasize. Think of a meeting room, a rehearsal room with a music association or, for example, to organize workshops or exhibitions.”

There is a morning visit on the first Tuesday of the month from 10am to 12pm. The Secretariat is also open on this day. Everyone is welcome for a cup of coffee and a chat, feel free to take advantage of this,” says Peter.

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Check is going well
Liu: “The building is still part of the community. If it fits in with the agenda and there is space available, people outside Breedenbroek can also use the Cultural Church. Harmonies and optimists have already trained there, and a mixed choir for men and women will soon follow. If people want to organize A drawing course or a seminar, that’s also possible. Anything is possible, we have facilities like toilets, of course also a handicap toilet and a kitchen, but we’re not a catering facility. You can go to Koenders in Breedenbroek for that.” The Board of Directors are very proud of what has been achieved so far, and although there is still a lot of work to be done, they are confident it will be beautiful. Liu: “We would like to offer local associations the opportunity to benefit from the cultural church.” Thijs Brus of Rabobank Graafschap: “The check ends well when I look at all of this. We participate in the community and catalyze projects with a social or economic objective, and under this also the De Toekomst Church of Culture.” “The amount will partially benefit the solar panels and heat pump,” Liu says.

Celebration of prayer
Liu: “It’s not quite over yet and we realize there are people out there who would like to know how it turned out. That’s why we want to work towards the official opening. We’re doing it at a time when the parsonage and garden exteriors are also in order. A date will be announced at a later time. There will be prayer on Sunday, May 29 at 10:00, which usually falls on a weekend in Breedenbroekse Kermis. Leo: “Since the church is officially withdrawn from worship, this will be a celebration of prayer that we will hold with our pastors.” Can be found on More information on the website www.cultuurkerkdetoekomst.nl

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