53-year-old Australian woman released after panic over strawberry needles and pins | cooking and eating

After weeks of detective work, needles and pins also appeared in bananas, apples, and even the police Scammers are on the right track Came, 53-year-old May Out Trinh was arrested in Queensland. The suspected perpetrator faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for contaminating food. However, that will not come true. Women go free.

Australian media have reported that the charges against the former employee of the fruit farm have been dropped. The judge indicated he was no longer dependent on a conviction, after which prosecutors dropped the case against Trinh. During the investigation, the police said they found the woman’s DNA on a needle and also told her colleagues that she wanted her boss to go bankrupt.

My Out Trinh’s lawyer described the end of the trial as a “great relief”. He said that his client considers dropping the charges as compensation. Friends say that the woman went through a difficult period and can finally move on with her life. She was especially looking forward to visiting her 96-year-old mother in Vietnam.

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