696 migrants crossed the channel into England on Monday, a record this year


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Yesterday, British border guards found 696 migrants on boats trying to cross from France to England. This is the highest number this year. The previous record was set in April, when 651 people took a boat trip across the canal in one day.

In total, more than 17,000 migrants crossed into England this year and were disembarked by British authorities. Last year, it took until September to reach that number. in every year 2021 The number of British 28,526 immigrants from the Channel. The absolute daily record is 1185 and was recorded in November of that year.

Migrants often make the crossing in crowded, rickety boats. Yesterday, 696 people were distributed on fourteen boats. So, on average, there were about fifty people on each boat.

Trip to Rwanda

The British government has been trying to control migrant numbers for some time now. France has been urged to do more to stop migrants leaving, but the UK is also hoping to discourage migrants with a controversial plan.

The British government intends to deport some asylum seekers who have crossed the Channel illegally to Rwanda. They can then apply for asylum there. If granted, they can remain in Rwanda for a number of years.

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