7 Things to Consider When Going to a Festival Abroad

Festivals in your home country are fun, but when you go to festivals abroad it’s an extra experience. Of course there are things you shouldn’t take into account. With these 7 tips you will be fully prepared for festivals abroad.


Photo: Rachel Docherty

Within Europe, an ID card or ID is enough to show who you are. When you travel to another part of the world, you need a passport. But beware: are you going to Glastonbury or the Wireless Festival in the United Kingdom? Because of Brexit, a passport is required to cross the British border. So, ensure a valid passport in advance.


Courtesy of Coachella – Roger Ho @ Coachella 2017

For some countries, you do not need to show your passport to enter the country. You will also need to apply for visas for many non-European countries. For example, this applies to America: you have one ESTA required. Aim for it Here What are the conditions for ESTA visa? Can’t see the wood for the trees anymore, want to easily see which festivals require a visa? We have collected 11 festivals for you.


A festival in a distant country involves other risks. Unfortunately, insects sometimes live abroad and carry nasty things like certain types of mosquitoes and ticks. To make sure you don’t go home sick, we recommend finding out if you need vaccinations to protect yourself against strange diseases. Check the website for it GGD (Netherlands) Or Belgian Government See why you should get additional vaccinations.


At many festivals you can camp with your fellow festival goers. Sometimes that is unfortunately not possible. And some people want a little more convenience. Please check yourself how and where you want/can stay. The sooner, the better, especially with hotels or Airbnb. Because before you know it, all the places to stay are already occupied by other festival goers. Sleep is key to getting the most out of your festival experience.

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Pink Pop 2018
Photo: Boy Janissen / Festilex

There are so many 20 European Union countries You can pay with Euro. It also means that in many countries you have to take into account a different currency. Sziget is a good example. In Hungary they pay with Hungarian Forint. For example, are you visiting Colors of Ostrava in the Czech Republic? Exchange your euros for Czech crowns. Additionally, carefully check which is the most convenient way to transfer. Many places allow you to use your own debit card, but transaction fees are often charged for this. You can also go to an exchange office or machine.

return journey

Colors of Ostrava 2018

Festivals abroad are more fun, but also more serious. It is often warmer than the Netherlands or Belgium. Also, the party often goes on into the wee hours of the morning. So, it would be better to start the return journey in the morning. Then you will be very relaxed to your own country. However, it is a smart idea to allow extra time for your return journey. Whether you travel by car, train, bus or plane: there is a risk of delay on a long journey.

the flag

Sighet Camp

And then last on our list, but certainly not least: a flag. The flag can be hung in your tent or taken with you on site. It is also a useful sign for the natives. Because how nice would it be if you could instantly make new friends from your own country? Also, it’s generally pretty cool.

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