8 weird places to hide a lot of money

30,000 euros hidden in a bag of chips: it’s just one of the odd places where Marechaussee discovered a pile of money. Criminals find the craziest place to hide pennies.

Customs authorities found € 70,000 in two bottles of body milk at Eindhoven Airport. In 2016, they were found in a Spanish travel bag that had arrived in Eindhoven. To prevent money from getting dirty from your body milk, it was wrapped in plastic wrap.

19,000 euros were hidden in a pillow, military police found that during a car check on the A16 near Hazeldonk in 2019. A Frenchman was arrested.

In the car too, this time behind the car radio there was a whole pile of money. Last June, the Military Police found a large sum of money in a bag in the room behind the radio. It wasn’t the only place in the car where the cash was hidden. A total of 14,000 euros were collected from all parts of the vehicle.

In any case, the car is a popular hiding place: a secret space was already found in a glove compartment by the military police in May last year and about 13,000 euros were hidden under a seat in October last year.

It was big rolls of money wrapped in sneakers. Customs found two tons of cash, in shoes, in a man’s luggage. Who was on her way to Malaga in 2018 with money. By the way, he did not get there: he was stopped by customs at Eindhoven airport.

An Italian woman thought she could escape her body as the ultimate hiding place for large sums of money. She carried six balls of 1,000 euros each. This became visible on examination at Eindhoven Airport. She had 8,000 euros in a sock in her purse. And 10,000 euros in the wallet. It remains the most natural place to hide money.

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Big shopping bags full of money in a secret room in a house in Eindhoven. More than 12.5 million euros found, the largest amount of cash ever found in one place in the Netherlands. And it’s not something you just take with you: All notes together weigh 255 kg.

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