A 13-year-old French schoolgirl admits to lying about severed teacher Samuel Patty

The French student who accused Samuel Patty of Islamophobia admitted that she was not present in the class that killed the social studies teacher. Pati was beheaded last year after he showed his students caricatures of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

The 13-year-old told her father that Patti asked all Muslims to leave the classroom during class. It is said that this happened when he introduced the animation. The girl’s father was angry about this and called for action on social media.

Because of the father’s hate campaign, a 47-year-old teacher is tracked down by a Chechen Muslim extremist. The man killed Patty and then the police shot him.


The girl herself was not in class during the related lesson on freedom of expression and blasphemy, and she is now confessing According to French media. However, she did tell her father that she was being criticized during class, and thus was suspended. The reason she lied was that she did not want to reveal the true reason for her suspension.

According to reporter Frank Renot, it was clear from the start that the girl was not being honest about it. “It soon emerged after the police investigation. But now they have already confirmed it.”

Her lawyer said in court that his client “deeply regrets” what happened and the damage it caused. The girl is being tried for defamation. The father is suspected of involvement in the murder of Patty.

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