A 14-year-old girl died as a result of a knife attack in southern Germany, and 13 others were seriously injured | Abroad

In a town in southern Germany, a man stabbed two girls on their way to school with a knife. Then he ran into a house. A 14-year-old girl succumbed to her injuries. The other girl, 13, was seriously injured in hospital.

They walked through the small Oberkirchberg, part of Illerkirchberg (population 4,900 in total), to a bus stop to take the school bus to school. The man attacked them around 7:30 am, seriously injuring them. Eyewitnesses immediately called the police and an ambulance.

An eyewitness told local radio SWR He heard a noise at a traffic light. He saw a girl “bleeding on the floor and with a big stab wound in her stomach”. The witness stated that “a second woman was wounded under her chest”.

The girl told the witness that a man came out of a house and beat her classmate for no reason. Then the man stabbed her in the stomach. Then he ran back home. However, the police did not confirm this information.

Deeply shocked

The man fled to an apartment building after the attack. Police cordoned off the building and arrested three people, including the suspected perpetrator. Nothing is known about the perpetrator’s motives, nor whether he lived on the premises or whether he knew the girls. The reason for the arrest of two other people in the house in addition to the suspect was also not disclosed. The other residents were taken to safety.

The mayor of the affected municipality said he was deeply shocked and wanted to do everything to help the girls and their relatives.

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