A 58-year-old woman has been trying for three years to prove that she is not dead: “I am nothing.” abroad

In November 2017, it was officially announced the death of Jean Boucheen, a Saint Joseph (near Lyon) woman. Only: The woman was – and she hasn’t died yet.

How is this possible? It all started because of a financial dispute with a former employee of her cleaning company. That woman mentioned more than three years ago that her former boss had passed away. The judge confirmed her, although she was unable to provide any evidence of this, Het Newsplad said.

No problem, Pouchain believes. I will go to court to show that I am still alive and that everything has been resolved. Only: not resolved. Not even after her doctor released an official statement that she was still in good health. “Because the court’s decision was made, it wasn’t enough,” Poshin said.

Crazy story

“It’s a crazy story,” says her lawyer, Sylvain Cormier. “I really didn’t believe the judge would announce anyone’s death without an official death certificate. And yet, it happened: Someone claimed the matter and everyone just took her words.”

So it was all about a financial squabbling for years. In 2004, Pouchain was sentenced to pay an employee € 14,000 in compensation for allegedly being unlawfully fired. Since the case was against her company and not Pouchain personally, the court’s decision was never enforced. In 2009, the former employee filed a new lawsuit, but to no avail.

However, in 2016 an appeals court, which believed Pouchain was dead, ruled that her husband and son must pay compensation. The following year, the former employee told the court that letters to her former boss went unanswered because she was dead. In November 2017, Pouchain was officially declared dead and her ID card, driver’s license, bank account, insurance, and other official documents were revoked.

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‘I am nothing’

We are now over three years later and Pouchain is still officially no longer with the living. I do not have an ID and no insurance. I cannot prove to the bank that I am still alive. I am nothing, “she stated earlier.

This week, her lawyer makes another attempt to revive his client. Although the attorney for the prosecution wants to put an end to it. He claims not to be his client, but Pouchain herself that carried out her death to avoid compensation.

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