A big risk in the fourth season of Stranger Things

It doesn’t necessarily look good for small town Hawkins if we look at it.

Although the recordings started early last year, work is still in progress for Season 4 of the Netflix series Weird things. You might almost think the recordings would be nearly ready-made, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Meanwhile, it also appears that records are now heading towards the grand finale of the new season. In the photo set, we see a whole series of military vehicles that surrounded Hawkins High.

United States Army
In the leaked images of the new set for the Netflix TV series, we see that a lot of military vehicles have been placed around Hawking High. Obviously, something is happening at the school, because in the second photo you can see more cars arriving as well:

A lot has happened in the small American village of Hawkins in recent years in the series. At school, we actually saw Demogorgons wandering around looking for Eleven, but also very different monsters.

Season four expands the world, with a major clash between the United States and Russia. So this promises something.

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