A bike stolen from the shed

Are you insured on this?

In the Netherlands, bicycles are a very popular form of transportation, and there is no other country where people cycle like here. Unfortunately, the two-wheeled bike is very popular among thieves. To reduce the risk of theft, we place our bike safely and dry in a shed or garage. But what if your bike is stolen from the shed, can you go to your insurance?

Theft of a bike from a shed, storage room, or garage

If your bike is stolen, it is important that you report this to the police first. After that, you report the theft to your insurance company. For a stolen bike that has been in a locked room, you can go secure your bike in addition to securing most of the home’s contents. Theft coverage depends on the situation.

When is my bike insured with bike insurance?

Was your bike locked securely in the shed and stolen? Then you can claim theft on your bike insurance. In order to prove that your bike was locked, you must submit two original bike keys. At least one key must contain usage tags. Additionally, your insurance company can set additional requirements. For example, you may have to show the purchase invoice and a copy of the advertisement to the police.

Take the terms of your bike insurance policy to see exactly what you should do if your bike is stolen. It also describes the documents you must send and the amount that will be refunded to you. If your bike is not locked, you can try to compensate the damage through the insurance company on the contents of your home.

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When is my bike insured under the contents insurance?

In the event that your bike is stolen from a home, shed, or garage, you can call your home contents insurance. Most insurance companies place a condition that they properly close the place. So there should be visible traces of vomiting, such as damage to a door or window. If the place is not locked out, no compensation will be paid.

With some insurance companies, you will only receive compensation if your bike itself is locked, too. Check the policy terms to see what rules your insurance company applies.

Bike or home insurance?

Do you have bicycle and home contents insurance? Officially, you must first consult your bike insurance. In practice, however, it doesn’t matter what insurance you report on theft. It is often wise to claim theft on your bike insurance. With a bike insurance policy, you’ll get the new value to get your bike back for the first 3 or 5 years in the event of theft. This is a higher compensation than the benefit you would get through your home contents insurance.

A bike stolen from the park

If your bike is stolen from the park or driveway, then you are only insured by insuring your bike. This is not covered by your home contents insurance.

A stolen bike from the common area

If you live in an apartment or condo, your bike is generally in a shared storage room. In the event of theft, your bike is covered by most home insurance companies if there is obvious damage to the storage room where your bike is stored. This also applies to stealing your bike from a separate cellar or garage. You can also contact your bike insurance to claim theft of a bike from a common area. Your bike must be locked.

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Tip: Whether your bike is in the backyard or shed, be sure to always lock it. If your bike is locked properly in the shed, it is less likely to be stolen. The thief wants to get out quickly and every lock means a delay. It is even better if you can attach your bike to something inside it. This way it makes it more difficult for bike thieves.

Is there an unused bike in your shed?

Hand it over and we will make the baby happy together. Find out how to donate a bike.

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