“A black woman would enter a terrible, toxic, fatherly white space!” The Daily Standard

BIJ1 followers are being called upon by party leaders to support Sylvana Simmons with more enthusiasm from now on. Because, as they say, a “black woman of Surinamese African descent” goes to “a white, terrible, toxic, fatherly, and therefore insecure place.” […] Enter. “It doesn’t get more hate, racist, and more disgusting than that.

Daryl Ricardo Landberg ranked fifth on the Bij1 electoral list in the last parliamentary election. That’s bad enough, but this muddled racial description only makes it worse, despite the fact that this hated bastard didn’t win a seat thankfully. As Landbrug posted a private message on social media to the party’s supporters, leader Silvana Simmons will soon be a member of Parliament. This message is nothing short of revolting. shocking. Disgusting.

This Dutch hater wrote: “I Hope You Realize”: “A black woman of Afro-Surinamese descent has to enter a terrible, white, toxic, patriarchal, and therefore insecure space. We realize that. She does it all for us.”

“Silvana literally told us last night in a closed circuit in Rotterdam that she is not only sitting there in front of us, she is sitting next to us. All of them. Let’s raise hell. From now on, everyone who voted for our movement is responsible for its position. Look at him like that. Connection. “

All of those parties in the House of Representatives are constantly angry at Thierry Bodt and his Democracy Forum. Baudet only has to say something once, especially something about sweat, and oh, oh, oh, they all go crazy. Racism! discrimination! I hate it! It pits population groups against each other!

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But then he passes by such a ground bridge, and it really talks about elemental nonsense. What is the response to that from all the virtues in politics? Complete calm. It concerns them all No pocket.

What a hypocritical mess. And how incredibly disgusting it is that BIJ1 is coming into the room. Wet your chest: In the coming period, BIJ1 will often incite the country with terrible and radical words.

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