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A book about the popular Pussycat band: “Fine things experienced” | 1 Limburg

A book about the popular Pussycat band: "Fine things experienced" |  1 Limburg

Brunssum’s Pussycat Squad story will soon be published in book form. After a conversation with his son, co-founder and guitarist Lou Willé came up with an idea for a book on the Limburg band.

he met Pussycat, Mississippi River flows into LimburgAs the book is called, Herrlinar has archived the success-forming story with writer and music fan Harm Peter Smeldy.

Dad, you were very famous
“My son Nick brought his mother to a party in Germany,” says Willie. “They talked about the good old days. When he came to visit me that week, he said, ‘Dad, you were really known, right? “It got me thinking. I was especially sorry he didn’t know what his father and father did before.” Then he decided to get into the pen, but writing a book turned out to be a fine job. “It didn’t work for a meter. After a while I stopped. Then I asked my brother if he knew anything about the biographies. He directed me to a book on the Tillman brothers by Harm Peter Smeldy.” This is how Willie communicated with the author. “When Luo called me, I didn’t know who he was at first,” Harm Peter Smeldy admits. “But when I heard it was about Puyssycat, I was overjoyed.”

World hits
A pussy needs a little introduction to many people. The band, about the singing Bronsum sisters Tony, Marianne, and Betty, achieved four consecutive international hits in the mid-1970s: Mississippi (1975), Georgian (1976), Smiling (1976) in My broken souvenirs (1977.) This was followed by a series of singles in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. A total of 42 records achieved Gold, Silver or Platinum status. the number Mississippi It was their biggest hit. Classical country music was a hit in fifteen countries and even ranked # 1 on the charts in nine countries.

Soft g
“he met Mississippi We were even the first Dutch band to rank # 1 in England, “says Willie proudly. According to the musician, that was a great thing at the time. European music was considered” continental filth “in England.” Do not realize that we came from the Netherlands. They just had ABBA and then they had a European squad with us again. “According to Willé, due to Limburg soft g, the English couldn’t hear that Pussycat was a Dutch band.” The singing method was just really good. You can’t hear from Tony that she is Dutch. Her statement was formidable. We also played a lot with English teams like Slade and the Rubettes. They said they always felt the need to vomit the Dutch artists when they heard their loud voice. ”

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Although it does not matter internationally that they came from Limburg, it is different in their country. “When something comes up on TV and it relates to teams from the past, it’s always about Love and George Baker teams. They are always teams from the North,” Wiley says. “We used to look at us by the neck, but we succeeded.” Author Smilde adds that pop reports at the time did not go beyond Eindhoven. “Limburg was a little ignored,” he says. “The flip side of the story was that they could perform in Belgium and Germany.”

South Africa tour
The kitten toured South Africa in 1978. “They asked us often. We wanted to come and play, but then we were in front of a mixed crowd. We weren’t involved in politics at the time. This came from my home, but as a group we supported their position.” Willie says. The South African record company eventually agreed and the band was allowed to perform to a mixed audience. “Looking back, this is special. We are the first international group to achieve this. In South Africa, the term ‘apartheid’ was still used at that time.” It quickly became apparent to Willé that there was an ethnic system in South Africa. “When we first moved to the Netherlands, people would sometimes call rice or peanut pickers. But that was pretty innocent if you compare it to South Africa. We landed for half an hour and then actually ran into me in the toilet. You have a separate toilet for black and white. We haven’t done anything.” Never with a lot of publicity for the South African tour. We especially wanted to play there, but if Nelson Mandela knew he would be proud, I think. “

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The fact that the Dutch press did not write a letter at the time came as a huge surprise to writer Smiled. “It would have been big news of course,” says the writer. “They met Telegraaf journalist Jip Golsteijn at the airport. It was a missed opportunity. It could have been a great first time.” “He didn’t think we’d be able to play for a mixed audience,” Wiley adds.

Although the book’s title indicates otherwise, the Mississippi River flows through America. However, this number was not discovered in this country. “The record company made an effort. The song was released twice in America,” Smeldi says. There’s even a cover for Barbara Fairchild in the get-together Mississippi She entered country charts. You think if it’s the nan and attachment to the “pussy”. Do not forget that many bands have yet to gain a foothold in America. In America you had a lot of radio stations focusing on musical genres. The song was full of poppies for country fans as well as for pop music stations. “

For a fan of Smilde’s music, it was such a pleasure to work on the book. He is especially pleased with Willie’s archive: photo albums and 20 scrapbooks filled with newspaper clippings, contracts, and other items. “I’ve been checking that out with great pleasure,” he says. “Lou really saved everything. Example. Before the Pussycat came out, they had demos. Lou did not know what to do with them. Then he called someone who said he should have copied the cassette tapes. Heerlen and asked how he should send things to a record company. Books the owner.” 8 record company titles on a piece of paper. Even he still has those scrapbooks. ” Smilde believes in another funny story that a thief stole gold bars in the early 1980’s. “Then they were found along a provincial road in the direction of Maastricht. They were scratched. Only then did the thief see that it was gold paint and that the golden plates were in fact not worth a penny.”

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Dutch Pop Music Act
This kitten will be known even in 2021, and he tested Smilde as a tester. “My hairdresser was 23 years old and he knew the band too,” he says. “And people over 50 know the band. Pusikat’s name recognition is still phenomenal.” Therefore, Mississippi’s disappearance from the Top 2000 is upsetting for the writer. “This group simply belongs to the pinnacle of Dutch pop music. Along with Golden Earring, Shocking Blue, Focus, etc. They deserve it just because of their success.”

For Willie, that’s definitely not the main motivation behind the book. “I especially want to tell the kitten story, and I definitely don’t want to throw mud,” he says. “I’ve never wanted to miss all of this in my life. The good times, but the bad times as well. We’ve been through so many beautiful things. It has become a straightforward book, but also with a lot of humor.”

Show book
the book Pussycat, Mississippi River flows into Limburg May 29th will be presented at Dominicananenkerk in Maastricht. Because of the aura’s scales, only a limited number of visitors can come. The library provides live broadcasts.