A box of sweet potatoes travels through space

“There is only one sweet potato that rules our galaxy,” said Stephen Ciccarelli, President of Farm Fresh Produce, announcing the release of an exciting new video showing the cosmic journey of the iconic Dolce Vita sweet potato.

World records are constantly being rewritten for the heaviest sweet potato. However, Dolce Vita will go down in history as the first sweet potato brand to travel into space, following its successful intergalactic journey. The Dolce Vita sweet potato box was flown in via a weather balloon. The 72-second video below, titled “Out of This World Sweet Potato,” shows Dolce Vita’s cosmic flight, which took 2 hours and 25 minutes to reach the edge of space and 1 hour and 40 minutes to return to Earth.

While this is the first time a box of sweet potatoes has been launched into space, it may not be the last, as scientists continue to search for ways to grow sweet potatoes to provide food for long-duration space missions. This is because of the sweet potato’s quick rejuvenation and health benefits.

Ceccarelli got the idea for the sweet potato space game after learning that the Southern Exposure trade show, which takes place March 2-4 in Florida, Orlando, was using a space theme. He and his daughter also share a love of all things space and watched a launch on February 26, with special access to the Kennedy Space Center.

“This was a very exciting project for us,” says Ceccarelli. “One of the principles of our success is based on new ways of thinking. Sweet Potato Dolce Vita’s journey into space is a testament to the power of packaging and our commitment to finding creative ways to deliver exactly what our customers need, anywhere in the universe.”

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