“A brave look for a single mother”

Stephanie Land, 44, wanted to study, but ended up with an unexpected pregnancy in Port Townsend, Washington, where she became a cleaning lady. She published her autobiography in 2019 The maid: hard work, low pay, and a mother’s will to survive made into a film by Molly Smith-Metzler; serial maidstarring Margaret Qualley, has been a hit on Netflix since October of last year.

jungle regulations

Spectrum Publishers give New York timesThe bestseller on February 24 under the title maid. It’s the story of Land’s escape from an unhealthy relationship and introduction into the jungle of American regulations, which she and her young daughter end up with: homeless shelter, transitional housing, benefits and food stamps.

The contrast between her life and the lives of the people in the homes she cleans is poignant. As she gets to know her employers better – as well as their grief and love – she gains hope and learns to find her own path. After six years of cleaning up, she is claiming a loan and scholarship and studying art and creative writing at the University of Montana.

They are overworked and underpaid

Description of the country in maid The stigma and weary lives of low-paid Americans. said former US President Barack Obama, who put a book on his list of summer tips.

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