A British court has said calling a man bald in the workplace is sexual harassment

Labeling a man bald in the workplace could be considered sexual harassment. This was decided by a British court. According to the judges, men are more likely to suffer from hair loss than women, which makes it an indication of their gender and thus a form of discrimination and sexual harassment. “It can be compared to a comment about a woman’s breast size.”

British electrician Tony Finn challenged his dismissal. The Finn got into a heated argument with his boss Jimmy King in July 2019. The latter had a ‘bald c*t’ (‘bald bitch) as they threatened him. Then Finn wrote an angry letter to his boss. Launched in May 2021. The electrician has worked for West Yorkshire for 24 years.

According to the court, the insult was “an assault on the dignity of the Finn and the creation of an intimidating environment for him.” “He hinted at the gender of the plaintiff,” she said. For this reason, it can be equated with sexual harassment.

personal attack

According to the court, the problem was not with foul language, as this “industrial language” is more common in the workplace. On the other hand, King is said to have gone too far by criticizing his employee’s appearance. Furthermore, Finn’s expulsion was wholly unjustified, according to the court.

The separation of the electrode will not be reversed, but the man is entitled to compensation. The exact amount of this amount is not yet known.

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