A Broadway musical about Princess Diana is on Netflix in October

Diana: A true musical story Can be liked on Netflix starting October. The Broadway musical about Princess Diana first appeared on the live streaming service and premieres only later in the year: Unique.

It was announced last year Diana: A true musical story It will be debuting on Netflix. Speaking of early 2021, the musical will now be shown on the broadcast platform on October 1. The physical premiere of the theatrical scene is scheduled for mid-December in New York Longacre Theater.

Diana: A true musical story

Diana: A true musical story The film revolves around the life of the world famous British Princess Diana and was filmed at Longacre Theater. The original cast can also be seen in the movie version. Gina De Waal plays Princess Diana, and Roe Hartrampuff can be seen as Prince Charles and Judy Kay as Queen Elizabeth.

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Diana and Zonen

By the way, not only in the United States work is being done on producing a musical about “Lady Di”. In the Netherlands, producer will be attending MediaLane from September Diana and Zonen On the shelves. The lead role of Princess Diana was played alternately by Marlene Werdenburg and Brigitte Hitzer.

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