A Chinese fighter intercepts an American plane with a CNN crew on board | outside

A US Navy plane carrying a CNN team came into close contact with a Chinese fighter jet on Friday. It happened over the South China Sea, where CNN flew an American reconnaissance plane. The Chinese fighter followed the American plane for fifteen minutes and then turned around.

American device. Chinese airspace 12 nautical miles away. Don’t come any closer or you’ll take all the blame,” it sounds irritating over the American plane’s loudspeakers at one point. A few minutes later, the Chinese plane equipped with missiles appeared 150 meters to the left of the Americans.

According to CNN reporters, the Chinese plane was so close that they “saw the pilots turn their heads to see us” and could also decipher the red star on the tail and see the missiles. Captain America himself spoke of “a very ordinary Friday”.

According to CNN reporters, who said they got a unique insight on the plane, the situation with the Chinese planes shows “how strained relations between the United States and China” are in the region. For example, the pilot of a Chinese plane would not react when the American pilot indicated that he wanted to take a turn.

Tensions have been building over the South China Sea for years. It is known that islands in the region are claimed by as many as five countries.

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