A construction worker in billiards (53) questions the Netherlands’ World Cup title: “I am a fan” | sport

Last Thursday, a 53-year-old construction worker and carpenter from Hoogerheide was awarded the title of Master from Dick Jaspers, much to everyone’s amazement. In the final of the Masters Championship, Raymond defeated Borgmann and, as a national champion, is allowed to participate in the World Championships at the expense of Billiards Association.

“I don’t know yet if I will accept that invitation.” Coles said in a radio interview, “I’m not a big player and have played with professional players this week. I am amateur and realistic enough to rudely see everything. “

De Brabander, who has switched only from classic to three-pillow genres for three years, will be back in action on Monday morning. Despite his health, he has indicated that he has spent his “week of life” and will be returning to his boss for the time being. Because giving up on everything and continuing as a professional pool player, he hasn’t liked it yet. “But if such an opportunity presents itself, I will certainly seize it.”

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