A defect in the Tower Bridge leads to traffic chaos in London | abroad

Due to a technical failure, the iconic Tower Bridge in central London has not been closed since noon on Monday. This leads to the necessary traffic chaos in the British capital.

“Brigdee Tower is currently closed to traffic and pedestrians due to a technical fault,” city police wrote on Twitter. The photos show that both road surfaces are in an elevated position. For unknown reasons, the parts cannot be lowered again. This has resulted in traffic jams and traffic jams on both sides of the Thames.

The 127-year-old Tower Bridge, which connects the city’s north and south, is usually opened about 800 times a year – about twice a day – to ships. They must register in writing at least 24 hours in advance.

Tower Bridge was repaired in 2006 after the mechanism had failed four times the previous year. Since then, there have been much fewer malfunctions. The latest incident dates back to August 22, 2020, when the bridge was stuck for more than an hour.


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